More campaign bloopers

We've seen some stupid stuff this election cycle, but this one missed the mark by a couple thousand miles ... literally.

Joshua Gross over at the Columbia Conservative shares an NRA-ILA endorsement piece for Jakie Knotts which opens by supporting a legislative candidate ... in Idaho?!?

If you look close at the image's second line (I zoomed in on the back half) you'll notice they asked the voters of District 23 to "Vote for Judy Boyle". Now, as everyone in Lexington County surely knows, Judy Boyle is running for District 9 in the Idaho House. That happens to be only 2472 miles away from downtown Lexington, according to Yahoo Maps. Here's to hoping Jakie's voters write her in on June 10...

There's more in this mailing, but we don't want to steal all the thunder, so if you'd like a good laugh, head on over to Joshua's blog and take a look.

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  1. soon to be on lake marion moye 23/5/08 13:33
    poor old jake

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