President McCain to face Congressional grilling?

In this story in the online edition of the San Francisco Chronicle, we find John McCain offering to introduce Question Time to the United States Congress:

On the policy front, McCain said that by 2013, the end of his first term, he envisions most U.S. troops coming home from Iraq "in victory," as well as delivering health care and restoring "economic confidence."

And, acknowledging a White House criticized as too partisan and insular, McCain said that as president he'll ask Democrats to serve in his administration and vowed to "set a new standard for transparency and accountability. ... When we make errors, I'll confess them willingly." He vowed to institute regular presidential question-and-answer grillings before Congress, much like the British prime minister's weekly televised "Question Time."

It would certainly be interesting to see a President McCain slugging it out with the Democrats on the House floor.

For those of y'all unfamiliar with Question Time, a weekly staple of British governance and political discourse, here is a great clip of British PM Gordon Brown battling Conservative Party leader David Cameron in the British House of Commons.

We've been fans of the Question Time ever since we first saw it on C-Span manhy years ago. Sure this tradition lacks a lot of the decorum that creates a facade of false civility and non-partisanship in both Houses of our Congress, but at least they're honest and don't dance around the points. Perhaps our Presidents should be able to defend their administration's policies in front of audiences of politically-motivated skeptics, as well as live television audiences.

We don't know about y'all, but we would be so ready to watch a little more fire, passion, and locked horns help keep both sides in check.

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  1. Mike Reino 26/5/08 15:33
    I've seen this before as well, and Britain is WAY more combative then we are in the US.

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