Senate upsets in the making?

Sources have indicated to the Blogland that two incumbent GOP Senators may be facing upsets in next month's Republican Primary: Jakie Knotts from West Columbia and Randy Scott from Summerville.

Knotts has come under considerable fire from a number of directions for his loud and vocal support for Democratic candidates for Governor, as well as a number of key legislative votes where he sided with Democrats. Caught in a squeeze between state Republican Women leader Katrina Shealy and the cousin of the State Representative he ousted in 1994 to begin his political career, Knotts reportedly is now polling slightly behind Shealy, with negatives near the 40% mark.

Meanwhile, in Summerville, continuing negative publicity surrounding Randy Scott has stalled his re-election campaign. While the outcome of the DUI charges may be in question, a number of well-publicized comments, including threats against the job of Sheriff's deputies and demands to get magistrates out of bed to let him out on bond seem to have hurt him, with undecided voters moving towards his challenger, Mike Rose. Initial numbers, which seemed rather promising for Scott, now appear headed in a downward spiral.

In what is the first case of new media tactics being employed on a large scale in a South Carolina legislative race, the incumbent Summerville Senator has been hit with less-than-flattering YouTube videos and recordings of phone calls he made while in the Dorchester County Jail.

Knotts and Scott can't be counted out yet, but when up against hard-charging challengers, anything can happen. These two Senate races are definitely going to be ones to watch.

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  1. Anonymous 7/5/08 11:31
    When they couldn't show a BAC report on Randy, a lot of us figured he'd get through it. But with the phone calls ... a lot of people aren't so sure anymore.

    If he makes it, this is gonna be a close race indeed.
  2. Richmond International Airport Moye 7/5/08 12:32
    you may be on to something
  3. Anonymous 7/5/08 13:32
    I'd think in view of the events of recent weeks surrounding the DUI arrest that he'd be political history. But that's what I thought about Bill Clinton after the Monica Lewinski affair also. So we'll just have to see. My speculation and desire is HE'S FINISHED.
  4. Anonymous 7/5/08 14:56
    I wouldn't consider either one of these an "upset" any more. While I could never actually vote for either of these challengers, I couldn't stomach myself to vote for the incumbents. I would just not vote in these particular races.
  5. Anonymous 7/5/08 15:16
    One is left to wonder about the "neutral party" that FOIA'ed the tapes of Randy's calls from jail and shopped them to the media. One has to ask where thier filings with the Ethics commission are, as fedding that info is a direct effort to effect the outcome of an election.
  6. Anonymous 7/5/08 15:32
    Jakie Knotts is in serious trouble. If that race ends up in a run off between he and Shealy, he doesn't stand a chance. But with 40% negatives... looks like he might not even make a run off!

    Vote Katrina Shealy!
  7. Anonymous 8/5/08 11:42
    Aside from the immediate impact on a primary, are we ready to FOIA recordings of ALL jail calls fo ANY public official that is busted? Interesting precedent that begs appeal and possibly filing for damages... I can see some really interesting civil rights issues here, particularly for appointees like judges and electeds and their kinfolk.

    An ugly can of worms is open here, maybe more damning than Smoking Gun
  8. Earl Capps 8/5/08 12:02
    Shhhhhh ... don't say that. If that happens, the lives of every intern at every paper in this state will become a living hell, as they are forced to listen to hours upon hours of recorded conversations in hopes of finding some juicy tidbit.

    If that happens, it'll be YOUR fault. Thanks a lot.

    While it stands to reason these recordings are public record, do we really want to know THAT much about people's lives?

    I know there's a lot of speculation about the personal stuff, but really, I just don't want to know that much about the life of Randy Scott - or anyone else, for that matter. If you know the truth, please don't tell me. Too much information ... ack!
  9. Neo 10/5/08 00:52
    Just imagine it:

    Ritchie (District 13) ... GONE
    Knotts (District 23) ... GONE
    Rankin (District 33) ... GONE
    Scott (District 38) ... GONE
    Ceips (District 46) ... GONE

    It's RINO season ... good huntin'!

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