Support Glenn McCall – our proven Republican leader

It’s no secret that times are tough for the GOP. If you chose any of the following reasons for these troubles, you’d be right:

  • Disconnects with voters on today’s key issues,
  • A willingness to tolerate criminal and ethical misconduct by GOP leaders,
  • Failure to keep up with the Democrats in team-building and fundraising approaches,
  • Lack of enthusiasm among the GOP base,
  • Poor candidate recruitment, and
  • Ineffective and failing party leadership by many.
These are the major problems we see, but they certainly aren’t the only ones.

While things appear bad, sometimes it is when you hit rock bottom that you can truly turn things around. In the race to elect a new RNC National Committeeman from South Carolina is a candidate who will play a major role in turning things around: Glenn McCall.

Presently, McCall is the chair of the York County GOP, which has a thriving and robust party organization, as well as 2nd Vice-Chair of the state GOP. He is employed as a Vice-President of Bank of America.

Glenn McCall has a record of leading and building, and knows the GOP team needs to be broad and bold, in size, perspectives and vision, if it is to build a true and lasting governing majority. Also, it can no longer be a “whites only club” if it is remain competitive and relevant with an increasingly-diverse electorate.

But McCall believes these changes must also reconnect the GOP with its bedrock principles of fiscal conservatism, domestic security, limited and accountable government, and the empowerment of individuals, families and businesses. McCall is someone who believes these things, and he will work hard to make them happen.

In Glenn McCall, we see someone who is strong and assertive enough not to take orders, but is confident enough to reach out and work with others to reach our common goals of peace, prosperity and progress. He won’t take orders from those who have narrow agendas, or as did former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, fail to speak out against those who make a mockery of the GOP by illegal conduct or abandoning key GOP principles. In a party that needs to learn how to fight back, this guy is a fighter.

The GOP has a long road to recovery. As our National Committeeman, Glenn McCall can do much to help with that process. That’s why we’ll be voting for him at the upcoming SCGOP convention, and so should you.

5 Response to "Support Glenn McCall – our proven Republican leader"

  1. back from hope mills nc moye 28/5/08 20:18
    I will be voting Saturday myself
  2. Crowder's creek mill 28/5/08 20:35
    Yes, as a seventh generation son of York county I am very happy to see him represent the county.

    My family has held elective office there since 1781 and Glenn mcCall is exactly the type of person need being both, dignified, classy and smart. Kudos!
  3. Sarah Nuckles 29/5/08 08:31
    Glenn McCall is "the real thing" as a well-known commercial portrays.
    > At a time when politics can leave us with a taste of cynicism, Glenn refreshingly represents not only the York County Republican
    > Party, but the State GOP, as an inspiring man who truly cares for this great State, its people, and the direction we are headed. He is a visionary leader.
    > I was honored to be selected by Glenn to be on his team in the York GOP. That gave me the confidence and courage to follow his leadership and offer myself in service to our State, at a time when few women hold appointed or elected positions. That's the kind of leadership that Glenn McCall inspires - and it is the kind of leadership that we need in our Country and in the Republican Party on the national level.
    > He will be unforgettable as a Republican National Committeman, NOT because of his color, BUT because of who he is.
    > His moral and ethical standing and humility are without refute - and his ability to work among a diverse range of interests, not only in the Republican Party, but in York County and the State - have earned him the respect of many
    > - and not just Republicans.
    > Glenn is not self-seeking, and he inspires others to see how important it is to be involved in our political process, no matter what color you are, your age, your level of education, or even how you feel about "politicians". He loves this State and this Country - he looks beyond our faults and sees our needs as a true public servant.
    > I am proud to support Glenn McCall, not only as a fellow Republican and a friend - but most of all - as a Brother in Christ.

    Sarah Nuckles
    First Vice Chair - York County Republican Party
    SCDOT Commissioner -
    > Fifth Legislative District
  4. Sam 31/5/08 11:17
    Glenn is a great guy and he'll make an excellent representative on the RNC.
  5. Anonymous 1/6/08 15:51
    I look forward to having him represent me and my fellow Republicans from South Carolina.

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