What's getting done in Columbia?

That question is on the mind of Nathan Ballentine, one of our favorite House members:

With just three weeks left before the end of this two-year legislative session, I keep hearing the same question back home “What’s everyone thinking down there in the State House? Is anyone listening to the people?”

They remind me we have a Republican majority in the House, a Republican majority in the Senate, and a Republican Governor but we seem to not be getting what the citizens want accomplished.

They know what “this guy” thinks and what I’m working towards but I can’t speak for the rest of the body. I can only share what folks mention in passing at the grocery store, church, schools, and at neighborhood meetings:

Right on, Nathan!

Now, go read the rest of his posting.

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  1. glad to get out of deer park texas moye 21/5/08 13:57

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