Congratulations, Will

Today, our best wishes, prayers, and congratulations are with South Carolina's numero uno political blogger Will Folks.

It seems as if the guy is really getting married this morning.

When the Palmetto State's most eligible bachelor is getting married, it's a sign of hope for the rest of us singles (the competition is greatly reduced, allowing even us twice-divorced losers a little glimmer of hope) ... and a warning that hundreds of heartbroken women will likely be hurling themselves from bridges, ledges, and cliffs across South Carolina by sundown.

We hope they don't. If they're single, heartbroken ... and rich ... we hope they'll give us a call and not waste the potential of their bank accounts ... uh ... lives.

Seriously, Will, you're a good guy and we respect your work and your talents. You have our very best wishes and prayers for a joyous and fruitful marriage, as well as a great honeymoon.

But being twice divorced, just promise you won't ask us for marital advice, ok?

We'll see you back soon.

7 Response to "Congratulations, Will"

  1. Mike Reino 14/6/08 08:16
    Congrats to Will, but I find it unbelievable that we fellow single bloggers didn't get invited to the bachelor party...
  2. moye 14/6/08 14:15
    Congrats to Will.
  3. west_rhino 16/6/08 12:03
    Single or not, too many bloggers, particularly conservative and or polticial consititutes a critical mass and has the potential for bien viewed as a Weapon of Mass Determination by the left and therefore constitutes a threatcon RED for Hillaryland Security... though what it would do to Obama's campaign is plauisibly deniable as it would indeed be a vast right wing consipiracy... ;-)
  4. Anonymous 17/6/08 09:33
    If this FH truly got married why is there not an announcement in the State Paper? I find it hard to believe given his history he could find a date much less someone to wed!
  5. Earl Capps 17/6/08 09:48
    Anon - we know people who got invitiations, so we presume it's legit.
  6. Anonymous 19/6/08 09:58
    Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Sic!!!

    Mrs. Sic, we hope you will be more understanding about being referred to as Mrs. Sic than Mrs. Snake, wife of our lawyer friend in Louisiana. Mrs. Snake didn't take too kindly to it...

    God Bless Y'all's New Little Family!!! Make it a big one!!! Have a whole platoon of Little Sics!!!
  7. Karl 19/6/08 11:44
    due to security concerns they didn't announce it in the paper, and had a state trooper monitor all activity

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