Doug Smith's parting shot

After sixteen years, many of them as Speaker Pro Tem, Spartanburg's State Rep. Doug Smith is hanging it up and going home. We know it's not easy juggling family, work, and legislative service, and he's done it longer than most House members.

His departure, along with the upset of Rep. Bob Walker, who chaired the Education and Public Works Committee, as well as the retirement of John Hawkins, who also had over a decade of legislative service, will cost the county a lot of seniority. While in the House, length of service isn't everything, it is in the Senate.

It will be interesting to see the real impact of losing two House big dogs and two Senators all at the same time when next year's session gets rolling.

Back to Doug Smith ... his op-ed that ran in the Spartanburg Herald-Journal takes a strong shot at our favorite Spartanburg Republican, Rick Beltram:

I was never guaranteed my seat, nor did I ever expect the party chairman to protect or cover me if I had faced a primary. Once I was in office, however, I did expect the chairman to defend his local Republican elected officials - an expectation Beltram, as chairman, has consistently failed to meet.

Most know Beltram as a self-absorbed media hound who has never met a news release he wouldn't release. It is a pity hardworking Republicans have had to work in the shadow of someone who either doesn't understand the damage he does to our party, or doesn't care, or both.

A portrait of Ronald Reagan hangs in the S.C. House Chamber because of a resolution that I prepared and sponsored. I am normally a believer in Reagan's commandment not to speak ill of a fellow Republican, but when it comes to an extreme case like our local Republican chairman, someone finally has to speak the truth.


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  1. Brian McCarty 27/6/08 04:03
    That is what's called a "thanks for nothing," shot. One deserved by Beltram and his. Hat's off to Doug Smith for delivering the old Furman cheer, "F.U. once, F.U. twice, F.U. three times"
  2. back in greeleyville mg 27/6/08 16:03
    you want a copy of the picture i took with you and beltram at the convention
  3. Earl Capps 27/6/08 16:11
    it sounds to me like you're trying to hustle for a bribe to keep that a secret.
  4. Pokey 27/6/08 16:15
  5. Anonymous 29/6/08 06:48
    Smith's comments were poorly received by local and state Republicans. Protecting incumbents is only in Doug's head.
  6. Sam 29/6/08 15:15
    Incumbents are not entitled to their seats for life. They only deserve to be protected by the party if they are delivering the promises they made to the party and the voters. If not, the party has a duty to replace them with someone who will.
  7. Civics Teacher 29/6/08 22:47
    Neither are party chairman. Beltram needs to be removed, if not, for the good of the Spartanburg GOP, for the GOP as a whole.

    Do you all agree?
  8. Anonymous 30/6/08 11:45
    Smith's remarkds are well recieved here as Beltram has been at best an embarassment. I consider Mr. Smith's op ed fair warning regarding Mr. Beltram to elected Republicans to "put the trauma shield in the back of their kevlar vests"
  9. Anonymous 2/7/08 22:50
    mega dittos Sam and civics teacher,

    As you folks apparently realize, professional politicians are part of the problem! Since "government will not reform itself", we the people must continue to "vote the rascals out" at every opportunity! NO INCUMBENTS SHOULD BE LEFT STANDING 4-6 YRS OUT! It should be our "battle cry"; A CRUSADE!!

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