Election days and your career, Part One: Looking for work?

Election day came and went, and guess what? Your boss didn’t make it and either your promised job won’t be coming, or your boss just got booted and the victor has made it clear that come January, you need not even bother to apply for your job.

If you're a single parent, like yours truly, with no other source of income, the prospect of being without a paycheck is more than just a bad joke - it's a threat to my family. In times like these, your ability to navigate the tough waters of the job market mean the difference between finding a good job in the private sector, moving back in with your parents, or finding a well-off sugar momma or daddy (our preference).

Be prepared for your job interview.

A survey asked HR managers and executives about the mistakes made by interviewees. Here are the top five mistakes they cited:

47%: Little/no knowledge of the company
17%: Unprepared to discuss skills and experiences
9%: Unprepared to discuss career plans/goals
9%: Limited enthusiasm
3%: Lack of eye contact

Resume and cover letters

In a column published in the PRSA's April 2008 newsletter, here are five common mistakes that HR managers caution against making when you send out cover letters and resumes:

1) When you write the cover letter, don’t assume the spelling of their names,
2) Make sure those cover letters are customized for the company, and not the last one you wrote a letter to,
3) Light touch with fonts, including standard fonts and sizes, and minimal use of bold, italics, and underlining,
4) Don’t give out email addresses that sound cheesy or childish (such as “diva15689@” or “fuhrerrick@” - you get the point), and
5) Keep resume content brief, with reasonable margins. They recommend “one page, one inch”.

Tomorrow, we'll talk about the value of networking. Be sure to stay tuned.

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