Erickson's "Lauren Gentry bill" moves forward to full Senate

Over the last month or so, the Blogland has taken up common cause with Beaufort County Representative Shannon Erickson, who has been pushing what we've come to refer to as the "Lauren Gentry" bill.

This bill would protect those who are the victims of on-campus intimidation from forfeiting their right to partcipate in school interscholastic teams, should they transfer schools under duress. This bill, HR 4758, would require students to have worked with the system to seek alternatives, including by seeking a formal restraining order.

While we shouldn't have bullies on campus, this bill protects students when our schools can't - or won't - take the appropriate action to protect those students.

Erickson sponsored this bill after Lauren Gentry, a former Beaufort County high school student, was forced to sit out her high school year after getting a restraining order and having to change schools for protection from an angry ex-boyfriend. While this bill comes too late to help Gentry, this young lady has spoken out strongly for this bill.

We want to thank the Representatives who voted 76 to 22 for this bill, and those on the Senate Education Committee, who voted to send this bill to the full Senate.

Sources have informed us that Erickson's bill will make it to the Senate floor today or tomorrow. While we understand this is a busy week for the Senators, we ask them to please take a few minutes of their day to pass this bill, sending it to the Governor's desk, where it is expected to receive approval.

2 Response to "Erickson's "Lauren Gentry bill" moves forward to full Senate"

  1. Anonymous 14/6/08 13:31
    Just FYI, Our Governor Mark Sanford signed the bill on Wednesday, 6/11/08. It is now a Law. I wonder what the SCHSL thinks of this now? Good job Rep. Erickson!!
  2. Earl Capps 14/6/08 18:46
    Anon - if you looked forward to yesterday's posting, you'll see we reported the Governor signing the bill:

    We're not sure what they think, but they had a chance to address this problem, and refused to do so. Therefore, whatever they think ... it's their tough luck.

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