Inside Interview: Phillip Lowe

Our Inside Interview this week takes a look at State Representative Phillip Lowe, who holds the Pee Dee region's House District 60, which reaches from the outskirts of Sumter up to the west side of Florence, roughly following U.S. Highway 76 (does one get their kicks on that Route as well?). He's a Republican who resides in Florence County, and is finishing his first term. He was elected with 60% of the vote to succeed retiring Republican Marty Coates.

1) How did you get into politics?

From an early age I have chosen to get involved in matters that interest me. From college days of class president to community involvement and serving boards of directors, I am know as someone who enjoys leading and solving problems.

In 2004 I came to the State house follow a bill from that would have effected my profession of physical therapy. I knew then, I wanted to become more involved.

When my representative decided to retire, community leaders and the Republican party approached me to run. After consultation with my friends and family, who unanimously advised me to not run, I did it anyway.

2) In looking back at your first two years, what would you say you've done to add value to the State House?

Several times I have looked up at the voting board and realized that I cast the one extra we needed to prevail. Freshman make the most difference in sub-committee where the details on bills are worked out.

Specifically, I worked hard on the small business health insurance premiums, immigration, prompt pay, DUI, and new hunting and fishing laws and several environmental bills.

3) Of the House seats in the state, yours is probably the most Democratic one which is held by a Republican. What do you learn about being a candidate and/or legislator in such a district that someone might not in a more Republican district?

My district is a blend of suburban and rural areas encompassing 700 square miles of Florence and Sumter Counties. Republicans from the larger cities generally do not have the same types of problems as my district. While some folks are securing funds for new museums and fine arts centers, I am trying to get the basic needs like sewer, water and libraries for my citizens.

Parts of South Carolina have a growing tax base with fine schools while small towns suffer from declining revenues, an aging population, dilapidated infrastructure, and failing schools.

Rural SC has a different set of problems that are largely ignored. As conservative as I am on spending, stopping growth of government, and reducing taxes, I still must represent my district and address basic human needs.

4) What do you see as the biggest challenges that you'd like to work on in your next term?

  • Job and Economic Growth
  • Educational Funding
  • Health Care
  • Protection of Family Values
  • Tax Reduction
  • Roads and Infrastructure
5) In the Blogland, we love our music. Tell us your favorite artist and/or album.

Old time is the Eagles and Skynyrd and Zeppelin

Today Three Doors Down, Match Box 20, Train, or anything Live

10 Response to "Inside Interview: Phillip Lowe"

  1. tammy 26/6/08 10:31
    That's awesome Earl. And he likes Live? Cool. Me too.

    Hope you're well!
  2. Earl Capps 26/6/08 11:02
    Doing good in the Lowcountry, Tammy. Hope all is well in the Upstate.
  3. down on the savannah river moye 26/6/08 21:50
    this is a good guy
  4. Mike Reino 27/6/08 16:08
    Phillip's been stealing my CD collection - who'da thunk?

    He's not a headline grabber in the House, which is cool, because we have enough of thpse people. Just a solid Rep.
  5. P Lowe 28/6/08 02:34
    Thank you. I'm gonna need a whole lot of love in Nov.

    Thanks for the love Earl.
  6. Anonymous 30/6/08 23:33
    Having observed Lowe in the Frat Boy mentality of the General Assembly, I found him to be a true Southern Genleman. He is truly concerned about the issues of SC...An intelligent and articulate person that everyone can be proud of!
    Lowe, you have my support and my vote!!!
  7. Earl Capps 1/7/08 21:33
    Phil, you've done a good job, so I'm glad to give you the publicity.
  8. Eric Bedingfield 2/7/08 14:08
    Lowe is a good guy and I am proud to call him a friend. We work well together in Columbia.
  9. Jeff 9/7/08 18:37
    Phil is a tremendous asset to the Agriculture, Natural Resources & Environmental Affairs Committee - bringing a lot of experience - having served on the DNR Board and representing the Pee Dee agriculture community. Thanks for what you do, man! Look forward to serving together for a few more years! Jeff Duncan
  10. Shannon 10/7/08 12:03
    Great article, Earl. Phillip is a super guy and represents the Pee Dee strongly. He says what he means and means what he says. That's top drawer in my book. Thank you for helping me settle in, Phil.

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