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It’s Election Day today. Are you going to vote? We are.

A few weeks ago, we reconsidered our original plan not to vote in the Horne-Hutson race. But the personal attacks and smear tactics from Heyward and company got too much for us to watch, so we’re voting for Jenny Horne. Whatever she is, at least she's honest and doesn't go around trying to disenfranchise people in ways that would make the Klan and Nazi brownshirts proud.

So what do we see going on out there … ?

We’ll be surprised if Jakie Knotts returns to the Senate, or Gloria Haskins to the House. Luke Rankin will win big in his Senate primary, as will Kent Williams, Robert Ford and Clem Pinckney on the Democratic side. So will Carl Gullick, Bob Walker, and Gilda Cobb-Hunter in the House.

Scott Talley will edge out Lee Bright for one Spartanburg Senate seat, and Jim Ritchie and Shane Martin will go into runoff overtime for the other. Catherine Ceips and Randy Scott will have close races, and could lose their seats as well. Jenny Horne will run close with Heyward Hutson in one Dorchester House race, and could score a rematch upset, but next door, Annette Young will roll her primary challenger.

There will be close races for Solicitor in the Lowcountry between Jennings and Wilson, as well as in the Upstate with Adams and Drawdy. A couple of weeks back, we had reliable sources tell us Wilson was slightly ahead, but Jennings has been running some strong and focused TV spots which have to be exerting a strong influence on late-breaking undecideds.

We have no idea who will win the GOP nods for open House seats in Aiken and Horry, or the GOP race for the open Senate seat in Greenwood.

Lindsey Graham wins by a comfortable margin in a race which we’ve always said was his fault.

Brian McCarty over at Voting under the Influence has some pretty good insights, which we largely agree with. Go check them out.

Overall, turnout will be mixed. In some places, like along the Wade Hampton US 29 corridor from the Bob Jones campus to downtown Spartanburg, as well as Beaufort, Dorchester and Lexington Counties, it’ll be red-hot in numerous legislative races. But in most places, we think primary turnout will be nothing like the big turnouts seen in 2002 and 2004.

On a local note … if Mike Rose beats Randy Scott, expect a petition candidacy in the fall. We’ve been contacted, but we’re not getting involved. Sure Mike Rose and his people have never liked us very much, but a petition candidacy is simply a do-over of the primary. We’ll accept the will of the voters.

Further, political history is pretty clear on the odds of a petition candidacy succeeding: zero. Only three House members, and none in the Senate, have won races as petition candidates in the last two decades, and only one of those: Bubba Cromer from Richland County – was legitimately elected as a non-party candidate.

We’ll talk about all the news tomorrow, and get your thoughts on what this state can look forward to – for better or for worse.

3 Response to "Primary in the Blogland"

  1. not a democrat fan moye 10/6/08 18:23
    look at that democrat primary sherifs race in clarendon for a run off and maybe williamsburg same race also. look for williamsburg county council held by butch woods to be a run off also.
  2. Anonymous 10/6/08 18:35
    I cast votes of conscience for Buddy Witherspoon and Katherine Jenrette. Ultimately I voted for as many Republican Women as I did Republican Men.
  3. Nette 21/6/08 15:41
    Jake Knotts deserves more respect than he has garnered from the governor. I'm so glad Joe Wilson endorsed him. I have always liked Joe Wilson. I have met him personally and my daughter actually worked on his campaign. He is outstanding. So his endorsement, for me, carries much more weight than Sanford. As for Shealy, I have read that she has friends in the ACLU. That is reason enough to not vote for her even if she wasn't running against the better man for the job.

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