Representative Erickson gets results with "Lauren Gentry" law

Those who say a freshman legislator can't really hope to get much done, other than learn where the restrooms and free dinners are at, should take lessons from Shannon Erickson, Beaufort County's hard-working freshman State Representative.

In the closing days of this year's legislative session, her "Lauren Gentry" bill made it through the Senate and onto the Governor's desk. This new law will help protect the rights of South Carolina students who are victims of those predators and bullies on campus.

While we were glad to do our part to help move the bill through, the bulk of the work was done by Erickson, with the help of some compelling testimony from Ms. Gentry.

Representative Erickson saw a real problem and acted to do something about it. That's what leadership is all about. For a first-year legislator, this kind of hands-on commitment to getting results is impressive, and it's a good way to assess her long-term potential to grow and become a real leader in the State House.

7 Response to "Representative Erickson gets results with "Lauren Gentry" law"

  1. Anonymous 14/6/08 21:22
    Thank you for the article.
  2. charlotte airport moye 15/6/08 13:35
    making headlines with this
  3. Shannon 15/6/08 21:17
    Thanks for following this issue the whole way down the road! You have been a champion from the very beginning and I can't thank you enough.
    I am thrilled with the signing so that victims of violence in our schools will not be victimized again when they must change schools for their safety. This was a collaborative effort and I thank everyone who assisted: Reps. Jackie Hayes & Mike Anthony who have first hand knowledge of the High School League rules and operations procedures. I thank Chairman Bill Whitmire, Reps. Nathan Ballentine and Ted Pitts of the House Education Committee and Speaker Bobby Harrell who advised me all along the way. In the Senate, I am appreciative to Chairman Wes Hayes, Sens. Mike Fair and Linda Short who gave this freshman their time and attention. I also thank Governor Sanford for seeing the merits in this bill and taking time to meet with Lauren as he signed it into law.

    Most of all I thank Lauren Gentry and her family for their strength of character and vision to see that while this legislation did not help Lauren, it would make a difference for others. I applaud Lauren for her tenacity and fortitude and am honored to have worked on this with her.
  4. Anonymous 16/6/08 13:58
    Way to go Shannon!

    I am so very proud of my sister, Shannon. Our entire family is beaming with pride.
  5. Anonymous 16/6/08 14:40
    I'll betcha someone like that could get targeted by SCRG and still be standing at the end of the day.

    As was proven in the other races, most of the ones who lost were idiots who thought being the Big Man on Campus was more important than being an effective legislator.

    We need more people like Shannon. Go Shannon!
  6. Anonymous 17/6/08 14:27
    Just wait 'til her second term. She's gonna rock!
  7. Anonymous 23/6/08 21:32
    Earl, took me a while to post but I"m glad you've shared Shannon with the blog world. She was/is very impressive and worked tirelessly to get this passed. She did it the way things are supposed to get done: an elected official LISTENING to constituents, doing the research, rolling up his/her sleeves, convincing other officials, answering the questions, and...not stopping until it gets done. I'm glad Beaufort sent us Shannon and look forward to working closely again with her in the future!


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