Time for a cease fire?

Over the last three months, we’ve watched a massive statewide battle take place. While some may attempt to claim the results point to a turning point in state affairs, a closer look suggests very little has changed.

Several of the legislators who went down or will be struggling to survive run-off battles did plenty to defeat themselves. Most notably were Senator Randy Scott and Representative Gloria Haskins. A number of challengers backed by SCRG-backed challengers and candidates for open seats did well, as could be expected considering a number of incumbents were pummeled by continual waves of attack mailings, push polls and even television advertising.

But a large number of SCRG-targeted races failed to go their way. Incumbents survived in the majority of races, and plenty of the open seats they targeted were close races or went for non-SCRG candidates.

The most important lesson learned from last night, in our humble opinion, is that no incumbent is truly bullet-proof and that winning office requires hard work, humility, and the willingness to respect your opponent’s ability to put up a fight. While we’ve disagreed with SCRG a lot, we’ll give them credit for helping shake some cages that long needed shaking in Columbia. We hope that long-overdue lesson won’t soon be forgotten.

Over the last few weeks, everyone involved in these primary feuds have turned up the heat. We’ve certainly done our share of slugging in a number of races around the state, so we’re not going to mislead our readers by claiming sainthood.

Tonight, we’ve heard from those on both sides who swear they’re not going to quit, not going to budge, and have every reason to believe the fighting will continue. But after what we’ve seen the last few months, we can’t help but believe there has to be a better way.

We hope we’re not the only ones who feel that way.

7 Response to "Time for a cease fire?"

  1. Anonymous 11/6/08 09:02

    Although you call for a cease fire, you still single out Mike Rose for a petition candidacy in the fall.

    As you well know, this has been a hard fought race with mudslinging and fighting. But it's over now.

    I'm sorry you feel Rose supporters have been rude to you. But that didn't come from Mike. Don't you believe the best thing to do would be to get behind Rose and support our new senator?

    Despite the fact that he's not your favorite person, we citizens have elected a Senator who will undoubtably be a true fiscal conservative and watchdog for the taxpayers.

    Really, if you look at the quality of all of the politicians we have in this area - how can you ask for more than that?
  2. Earl Capps 11/6/08 09:13
    Actually, that does include Mike. That was made plenty clear last night when he came through my precinct, as well as the staged forum stunts they put me in the middle of.

    But that's his choice. I work with those who are willing to work with me.

    If you read my posting closely, you'll notice I pointed out 1) such a candidacy is bound to fail and 2) it won't have my support.

    So don't go putting words in my mouth.

    Also, don't go calling a 52% victory over an incumbent who couldn't stop screwing up a mandate. It's not.

    This community has booted him out once, and if he doesn't do a better job this time, it'll likely send him packing again.
  3. Nancy Corbin 11/6/08 09:46
    I would hope the rest of the Republican party would take a page from the Scarlett Wilson book of election behavior, or just behavior in general. She did not resort to dirty tricks when push polls, half truths, massive sign stealing and misleading ads were thrown at her. She stuck to the truth and the high ground. What a concept!
  4. JimBo 11/6/08 10:12
    Anon - I'm not sure what impression you have of Earl, but I've known him a long time and can tell you he's not one to put his personal feelings above doing the right thing.

    He's earned praise for his work on the regional workforce board and as an alumni at CofC. He is very much someone who wants to build things and move forward.

    Maybe he was a little hard on Rose, but let's face it, he could have joined in the chorus that was throwing those outright lies about business dealings and congressional debt. But he didn't.

    In knowing him, I will tell you that if Mike Rose wants to move forward and work with this guy, there are very few people who would be better partners.

    But if he wants to keep screwing with him, there are few people who can do more to make his time in office miserable.
  5. just joking moye 11/6/08 17:45
    why cant we all just have a truce
  6. Brian McCarty 11/6/08 17:52
    The overall cease fire won't come until two weeks. There is going to be an all out war in Lexington county over 23.
  7. west_rhino 11/6/08 19:37
    Gotta concur with Nancy. Positive campaigns leave the opposition even more PO'ed when they sling mud. I look back to the '94 Sanford campaign and recall how much material some staffers had dug up to use against Robert Barber, a fair bit of which one needn't dig far to unearth. Mark refused to use it.

    This is going to be a difficult call for Henry Brown's campaign, given an out of the closet, though proclaimed in a closeted manner, lesbian is a chip on the donkey's shoulder that hangs like a red cape before the bull or a sweet innocent four year old before a pedophile. It begs comment from the pulpit and extortion by the left that regularly slanders Republicans from select pulpits that have been observed to be for sale.

    anon, if Scott's bearing a grudge, i'd have to say that Earl's predicition, despite pledges signed at the time of filing, could see him jump into it, though I'd not advise it. Another possibility, absent a strong Dem is, capitilizing on a percieved chink in Mike Rose's armor would be for a Dem to jump into a petition or write in race here.

    anon, wearing your heart on your sleeve as a hard core Mike Rose insider, learn to differentiate between prognostication and utter contempt.

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