Watch out for farm tractors

One of the most important things to the Blogland is safety. We're grateful for our readers and want you to keep coming back every day, safe and sound.

This time of year, especially in rural areas, there's a lot of farm equipment on the road, and we join Hugh Weathers, our Commissioner of Agriculture, in urging you to be careful out there:

Hugh E. Weathers, South Carolina’s Commissioner of Agriculture, urges drivers to use caution when driving near tractors and other large farm equipment on the highways around the state.

Each spring and summer there is an increase of tractors and other large farm machines that travel South Carolina’s back roads as farmers work their fields. Every year there are collisions involving farm equipment and vehicles across the state and the Department of Agriculture encourages everyone to drive with care as they approach any farm machine on the road.

“Tractors and combines on the roads are a part of South Carolina,” Weathers said. “I urge all drivers to slow down, be patient behind large tractors that may be driving slowly, and pass with care.”

7 Response to "Watch out for farm tractors"

  1. Anonymous 27/6/08 14:06
    And if the lead tractor has its headlights on, it could be a Clemson Funeral or Rick Beltram's motorcade.
  2. love my mule moye 27/6/08 16:05
    this is true especially coming from gamecock graduate
  3. west_rhino 27/6/08 18:05
    What exactly do Gamecocks have against Beltram? ;-P
  4. Earl Capps 27/6/08 18:12
    Come on now, y'all play nice.
  5. sitting on the porch at the camp mg 27/6/08 21:51
    they had this article in the kingstree paper the news this week
  6. west_rhino 30/6/08 11:49
    I might be missing something here Moye, is Beltram a Tiger, Gamecock or interloping agent provacatuer(sp?)?
  7. lake ponchartrain moye 1/7/08 20:18
    actually west rhino i was talking about the commissioner mr weathers who is an ok dude. at least his son decided to go to clemson and in fact have tail gated with them both you know you got to play the field. now beltram i have no idea but i did keep his information for some reason he gave me at the convention when he was running for national delegate. i tried to tell him he needed earl for his campaign manager. i really do have a picture of the two together and it is for sale.

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