Wild, drunken party busted. No legislators found.

We couldn't help but chuckle at this story that showed up in the Beaufort Gazette:

A vacant Bluffton house was the scene of a skinny-dipping booze fest for local high school students last week, according to a Beaufort County sheriff's report released Tuesday.

Just before midnight Thursday, the neighbor walked over to the home's pool area, which sent the teenagers -- many of them naked -- scattering in all directions.

They left behind a mess of spilled drinks, liquor and beer bottles, plastic cups and other trash both in and outside the home. The home's mailbox had been broken off and thrown into the pool. New carpeting was caked with footprints.

Which leads us to wonder where Will Folks is at this week, while on his honeymoon?

6 Response to "Wild, drunken party busted. No legislators found."

  1. Mike Reino 20/6/08 07:35
    A better question. Where should I have been last Thursday night down here???

    That reminds me... Has anyone located my underwear yet? It's somewhere on 278.
  2. Anonymous 20/6/08 11:25
    Mikey, did you check the flagpole?

    I thought the boxers were Bill Clinton's, but the absence of genetic trace leaves it in doubt.
  3. still at the Hilton Philadelphia airport on a Friday night Moye 20/6/08 17:33
    Kids having fun. Only if they would not have torn the mail box down. Sounds like kids from Florence and Foreston, SC.
  4. inside the philadelphia airport gate c 20 mg 21/6/08 09:30
    this aint that cheap room you were talking about is it
  5. finally made it to charlotte via us airways mg gate 3 2 21/6/08 12:45
    Wonder if this is why Mike is spending the weekend down there
  6. Mike Reino 22/6/08 15:04
    Could be. I've been freestyling all week...

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