1st Blogland legislative awards

For the last few years, the Blogland has been taking a look at state politics. We’ve helped put to get legislation passed, supported candidates, discussed judicial races, interviewed legislators, and a lot more. We wanted to help good people and ideas, stop bad ones, and give those on the outside of state government a better look on the inside. Over time, we think we’ve made progress on meeting those goals.

We felt it would be appropriate to recognize some of those who’ve earned our respect at the State House. To do so, we’ve decided to recognize the outstanding freshmen legislators, as well as outgoing legislators who’ve made great contributions to the people of South Carolina in course of their public careers.

As part of this series, we’re going to do more than just present our points of view. We spent weeks doing our homework about who was who in the State House. Interviews with people in state politics helped us make our choices, and we’ll share some excerpts from those discussions.

In the next two weeks, look for us name four legislators who will receive the following recognitions from the Blogland:

  • Outstanding Freshman Representative and Senator
  • Distinguished Outgoing Representative and Senator
Some of these picks will probably surprise our readers, but as always, we call it as we see it. The people we're going to name well deserve the recognitions we're going to give them, and we look forward to sharing them with you.

Stay tuned.

2 Response to "1st Blogland legislative awards"

  1. wesley 16/7/08 11:51
    A couple nominations:

    Freshman Senator - Shake Em' Up Shane Massey.

    Outgoing Representative - Bill Cotty. Who else?
  2. Clay Pit Crew 19/7/08 19:43
    Outgoing Rep. Skipper Perry, Aiken, House 81.

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