Appoint Sabrina Gast Coroner of York County

The resignation of York County Coroner is a disappointing end to the career of someone we once regarded highly. It is imperative that this office be filled quickly with a qualified candidate who can help restore public trust in the office, as well as have the talent and drive to set a higher standard of leadership for the office.

Sabrina Gast is the right candidate for the job.

Gast has experience in this office, having been served as acting Coroner for nearly two years after the now-resigned coroner had been suspended. In that time, she has proven that she knows the ropes, has a rock-solid work ethic, and exhibits compassion for her cases.

While her track record as acting Coroner does much to recommend her, her academic and professional qualifications are outstanding. A lifelong resident of York County, Gast’s has a BS degree in Nursing and a Master’s in Forensic Nursing, and is certified as an Emergency Nurse, Forensic Nurse, and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. She has worked in trauma centers, taught forensics, and developed and implemented programs for law enforcement, as well as served as an expert witness in numerous trials.

While most of our state's Coroners do a good job, few have the kind of qualifications that Gast brings to the table. York County is fortunate to have someone so qualified willing to serve in this capacity.

Sabrina Gast knows the job of being York County’s Coroner, and has done it faithfully, honestly, and competently for nearly two years. She is known around the state for doing an outstanding job and setting a higher standard for the office. In considering the job she’s done as an “acting” Coroner, we believe she can do even more as full-fledged Coroner. It’s a title she’s earned through her record of service, and an honor she richly deserves.

To us, appointing Sabrina Gast to be York County’s Coroner seems the right thing to do for so many reasons. We hope Governor Sanford will do just that.

7 Response to "Appoint Sabrina Gast Coroner of York County"

  1. mr. graham 24/7/08 14:21
    I support her also
  2. Tracy 24/7/08 18:58
    While acting as York County Coroner Sabrina Gast has dedicated herself to representing this community with integrity. She has shown compassion in the job and guided a department of professionals. She has been a moral and ethical example of how a coroner should conduct business. She believes in educating herself, her employees and also the greater York County community.
    Sabrina Gast has my vote. York County needs Sabrina Gast as Coroner and Sabrina Gast needs our support.
  3. west_rhino 25/7/08 09:42
    It would seem Ms. Gast brings credentials similar to those Susan Chewning brought to Charleston County when elected in the early 90's. Coroner Chewning's reforms of the Charleston County Coroner's office led to International and National recongntion and have drawn folks in to learn how Charleston does it.

    I have to second your call Earl, Sabrina Gast should offer York County a proactive servant that will bring credit to York County.
  4. Paul 25/7/08 10:40
    During her tenure as acting coroner Sabrina Gast took several steps to ensure that the Coroner and her staff exemplified compassion while still maintaining their fiscal, moral, ethical responsibilities to the families of York County.

    I agree with Mr. Capps that Govenor Sanford should reappoint Sabrina Gast as acting Coroner for York County.
  5. Anonymous 25/7/08 11:14
    She's been a great Coroner, and the Governor needs to keep her on the job.
  6. Anonymous 2/8/08 01:10
    Keep this great lady on the job. You don't find good people like this every day.
  7. Billy Bob 2/8/08 21:50
    If someone like this was my coroner, I'd vote for her.

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