The Blogland’s Summer Painkiller Contest

What have YOU got planned for your summer vacation?

If the answer is “I wanna go see Judas Priest, Testament, Black Sabbath and Motorhead this summer”, then your friends at the Blogland have just the Painkiller for your summertime blues.

This summer, the Metal Masters tour, featuring Judas Priest, Motorhead, Testament, and Heaven and Hell (the complete Black Sabbath line-up led by Ronnie James Dio) will be rocking America. To help show our appreciation for our readers, we at the Blogland want YOU to be there.

One lucky Blogland reader will be selected at random to receive a free lawn seating ticket to their August 8th show at the Nissan Pavillion, just outside of Washington, DC in suburban Virginia, along with a copy of the classic Judas Priest “Painkiller” CD.

Yes – that’s a free ticket to the show and a free CD to boot. Heck, we’ll even thrown in $20 for gas money. To enter, all you have to do is email us and we’ll pick one winner, totally at random, to win the prize package. Be sure to include your name, address and phone number so we can contact you in case you win.

So get those entries into the Blogland right freakin’ now!!! You can’t be a winner if you don’t enter – and you can’t be a loser unless you’re an SCRG candidate.


All Blogland readers, regardless of age, gender, location, and political affiliation (even Club for Growth and SCRG types are welcome to register). All contest entries will be kept confidential, because we’re sure a lot of you don’t want to admit to your friends that you’re headbangers like us.

Prize winner will be notified by phone and/or email and will be sent package by US Mail, and will be responsible for providing their own transportation, meals and lodging - dude, we don't have THAT big a prize budget.

6 Response to "The Blogland’s Summer Painkiller Contest"

  1. Mike Reino 1/7/08 08:44
    Hey Earl, how about two tickets, so we can take our favorite Congressman or Senator out while we're up there ?

    My registartion as a Lobbyist hasn't come through yet, so it's cool..
  2. Mike Reino 1/7/08 08:47
    Another question.... Do the Metal Masters all have to wear a green jacket? I can hear it now....Tony Iommi is lining up on the 16th Green.....
  3. I really am down on the Levy in New Orleans looking at Lake Ponchartrain MG 1/7/08 20:11
    Mike your man Earl must be doing good. It will be a nice trip for someone but not me. Hope a lot of people enter this. Wonder if Earl is going. How about it Earl.
  4. Earl Capps 1/7/08 21:29
    Moye, with a line-up like that, you can bet your ass I'd not settle for lawn seating if I was going.
  5. Anonymous 2/7/08 00:24
    Earl, it's bad enough to carry the stigma of being an SCRG tool without you rubbing it in. Can't you cut them a little slack? Someone's gotta do it.
  6. Anonymous 7/7/08 01:50
    Earl, sign me up. I just sent you an email.

    Sure you can't throw in at least a six-pack of beer?

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