A Dark Knight and a Hard Rockin’ evening in Atlanta

For those of you who were eagerly awaiting to hear about the weekend concert, here's the recap of what you missed.

Sunday was a GREAT time in Atlanta, thanks to Dokken and Sebastian Bach rocking thousands of faithful metalheads at the Lakewood Ampitheatre.

Do y’all remember when Bach used to be the lead singer for Skid Row?

As a prelude, going to see The Dark Knight was a hell of a pre-concert show. If you haven’t seen this one, go see it. It’s two and a half hours of WOW!

About 8pm, Sebastian Bach opened up the show with “Slave to the Grind”, running through a fast and furious ten song set which was about half songs from his new CD “Angel Down” and the other half well-known hits from the 80s, wrapping up with “Youth Gone Wild”. The guy was live, bouncing all over the stage, interacting with the fans in the audience before and during the show.

Hot on his heels was Dokken (the first concert I went to after my divorce). Don Dokken and company hit the stage, opening up with a not-so-well known older Dokken song, “Kiss of Death”. As did Bach, they played about ten songs, but unlike Bach, covered very little from their most recent CD, “Lightning Strikes Again”, sticking mostly to well-known classic hits. While Don still can’t hit some of the high notes from twenty years ago, his voice was strong, and he kept a light, good-hearted demeanor interacting with the audience throughout the show.

Don got more than a few laughs from the audience when he called his guitar his girlfriend – “no matter where I touch her, she always responds and if she’s too loud, I can just turn her down.”

At the end of Dokken ‘s set it was time to leave. Those of y’all who know the Blogland know full and well we wouldn’t be caught dead there once those lamers got up on stage.

Sebastian Bach and Dokken both put on a hell of a show – if you can catch them together, or separately, it’s well worth an evening of your time and ticket money to catch the show.

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