Dick Morris disses Romney, plugs Powell and Rice

Over on his blog, Dick Morris warns against considering Mitt Romney as a VP candidate, offering these thoughts:

McCain should, at a minimum, choose a candidate who won’t cost him votes. And, at a maximum, he should go with a vice presidential choice that redefines his candidacy.

With the nation in the grip of a fundamental re-appraisal of its past rule by white men, both Condi Rice and Colin Powell suggest themselves as excellent alternatives. They would excite voters, turn them on and give them a way to vote against Obama without ruffling their consciences.

To read the rest of the article, go here.

1 Response to "Dick Morris disses Romney, plugs Powell and Rice"

  1. due to circumstances you guess 26/7/08 13:40
    Powell is to controversal and you may see him support Obama in the end. He already praises him. Condi would be great. I really do not care what you do the GOP will not get more than one or two per cent of the African American vote in this election. Believe me having a female will help and having a white female will probably help more if we can find someone other than Dole.

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