An early win for Rep. Annette Young?

We're checking into reports we've received this weekend that the Democratic challenger to Summerville State Rep. Annette Young plans to inform Democratic Party officials of his desire to abandon his challenge to the veteran House member.

While Young was expected to win re-election handily, as is usually the case, such a withdrawal may mean an early re-election victory, should Democrats not be able to find a replacement candidate.

Our sources indicated the candidate was unhappy with pressure being applied upon him to toe the party line after he made it clear he would run as a conservative Democrat and publicly support John McCain for President.

For Democrats who had talked a big deal about slashing the GOP's legislative majorities with a supposed Obama wave, this development isn't helping things. Seeing many of their party's candidates distancing themselves from Barack Obama or outright supporting McCain and quitting their races has to make one wonder if such a wave exists, and should there be one, which party will benefit from it should one occur.

3 Response to "An early win for Rep. Annette Young?"

  1. Anonymous 14/7/08 06:21
    We also had a DEM drop in Spartanburg (HD 34 : Ronnie Hart)

  2. robert pratt 15/7/08 21:40
    Annette thankfully will serve us again for two more years. She is the best legislator Summerville has put forward in thirty years. She can walk the ailes and sway votes for bills that are important to us. We need to keep encouraging her to keep her conservative roots and vote for holding down government spending while supporting good legislation
  3. Earl Capps 15/7/08 23:59
    Hey Robert - thanks for tuning in and posting!

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