Is Mark Hammond South Carolina's Dirty Harry?

Mark Hammond, South Carolina's Secretary of State, may not tote around a .44 Magnum revolver in his daily work (well, he just might - we've never asked him), but he has made good on his word to put his law enforcement experience to work in ramping up the enforcement operations performed by the Secretary of State's office.

Counterfeit merchandise has long been a problem in this state, and his office has made good use of its limited personnel and resources to crack down on these hustlers. In recent weeks, a series of raids around the state has removed fradulent merchandise and locked up the ones hustling the junk.

Be sure to check the tags on your clothes. That is unless you feel lucky. Well, do you?

8 Response to "Is Mark Hammond South Carolina's Dirty Harry?"

  1. Jefferson lives 3/7/08 09:03
    Frankly I would rather wear a fake made in the USA than a "real" article of clothing made in China with lead and whatever else on or in it.
  2. Anonymous 3/7/08 09:14
    Yup, those $20 'Didas sold on the roadside stand next to the Latino roach coach taht doesn't have a DHEC resturant decal either are prone to pop a seam or two when you start to put some wear on them.
  3. Anonymous 3/7/08 09:18
    Jefferson might have a point there.
  4. hate fake stuff mg 6/7/08 14:12
    Jefferson does not have a point most of the cheap stuff still comes from china or a third world nation. Get with the program.
  5. Sarah Nuckles - Rock Hill 7/7/08 14:08
    Secretary Hammond's disdain for counterfeit products is an extension of the man and his character.
  6. law and order 9/7/08 01:07
    With Secretary Hammond's law enforcement credentials he would be an ideal FBI Director. He has a proven record fighting against the purveyors of cheap tennis shoes and tee shirts, and he would quite certainly eclipse the accomplishments of J. Edgar Hoover and those that followed him. He might even be considered for CIA Director or U.S. Attorney General.
  7. Anonymous 9/7/08 09:33
    Mark who?

    is he on the list for governor?
  8. pa mg 9/7/08 16:00
    certainly on my list for governor

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