The Lady wore Black

With the company's biggest highway project a week away from kicking off in North Charleston (check it out at, things are getting pretty busy in and around the Blogland.

First off, kudos to Representative Nathan Balletine, who also runs the Nathans News blog, for helping get the word out about US Group's work on Piney Grove Road. Our traffic shift on the project should go a little smoother, thanks to his help, along with Rep's Ted Pitts and Nikki Haley, who forwarded traffic notices along.

Second ... in working late tonight, this really kick-ass song from the early days of Queensryche's musical career stood out in our minds - The Lady Wore Black. We thought we'd share it with you:

... enjoy it. We did.

3 Response to "The Lady wore Black"

  1. Anonymous 8/7/08 14:49
    Lady wore black - it must be a code for something. Are you seeing a dominitrix these days? Leather and whips? You kinky little boy, you.
  2. philadelphia skyline out the window mg 8/7/08 16:49
    Earl aint kinky just a normal person in my part of the woods
  3. just left jims place at wanamaker ave mg 8/7/08 20:11
    hey earl did you see the front page of the charleston paper sunday about i 26

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