A little "Rock and Roll"

Put Motley Crue, Skid Row, Zakk Wylde and Jason Bonham on one stage and what do you get?


(This one's for you, Stan)

5 Response to "A little "Rock and Roll""

  1. moye 20/7/08 16:40
    Watch this on your blackberry
  2. moye 20/7/08 17:12
    serious man I did use my blackberry to watch this earlier now on the lap top what a difference
  3. Anonymous 24/7/08 09:51
    Check Pat Leahy's closeted rock secrets http://www.keshertalk.com/
  4. Anonymous 2/8/08 01:09
    That's a kick-ass song, dude.
  5. Anonymous 2/8/08 21:57
    Earl, I knew Stan. The guy was as much a rock and roll dude like you were. Thanks for thinking of him.

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