My thesis, in print

For those of you who don't know what nine months of hell looks like when it's over ... several printed and bound copies of my thesis arrived yesterday. *

"This is the kind of spontaneous publicity I need! My name in print! That really makes somebody! Things are going to start happening to me now."

- Steve Martin, The Jerk

*For those of you who don't know, one is generally required to submit bound copies to their school after the thesis has passed the review panel. Archived copies will be kept by the college/university as reference materials, as well as to help guide future thesis projects.

8 Response to "My thesis, in print"

  1. Waldo 15/7/08 12:03
    Congratulations! I know how much work is involved just getting margins right [g]. Put it up in the book case where everyone can see it!
  2. back in greeleyville mg 15/7/08 12:49
    so you going to have a signing at northwoods mall or something
  3. Richard Eckstrom 15/7/08 12:51
    I'm mighty proud of you, Earl. I'm proud of anybody with the intellect, determination and stamina to successfully complete a rigorous project like this. I feel fortunate to have a friend like you. Keep up the good work.
  4. Anonymous 15/7/08 14:32
    Bound in leather, you kinky devil!

    Wait till PETA hears about this... oops nevermind, most PETANs don't seem to have a conflict about wearing their friends, just us eating them.
  5. Earl Capps 15/7/08 16:46
    waldo, if you think margins were hard, you should have seen how much trouble i had coloring within the lines.
  6. Anonymous 15/7/08 19:45
    Congrats! The Clay Pit Crew tips their mortarboards to you!
  7. Anonymous 17/7/08 12:01
    Coloring within the lines? I thought that your degree was from College of Charleston, not Carolina or Clemson...
  8. Anonymous 17/7/08 12:03
    I take it you haven't seen CofC students on a Friday night?

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