“A new level of enthusiasm”: Shane Massey, Outstanding Freshman Senator

When longtime Democratic Senator Tommy Moore chose to give up his Senate seat to take up the cause of predatory lending, a large pack of candidates stepped forward to run for this Senate seat, which includes parts of Aiken, Edgefield, McCormick and Saluda Counties. After a heated GOP primary and run-off, as well as a nail-biter of special general election, Republican Shane Massey, whose campaign to “shake up Columbia” we eagerly endorsed, had prevailed. Since then, he’s made a strong impression upon many in Columbia, which is why we’re recognizing him as the Blogland’s Outstanding Freshman Senator.

One of his first acts was to sponsor legislation to put an end to earmark spending in the state budget, a key campaign promise which he eagerly kept. He is also a hard worker back in his district, eagerly giving out the number to his cell phone, which he calls a “24-7 constituent service hotline”. With a passion to address big problems, as well as pay close attention to matters back home, Massey has a balanced perspective towards the job of being a Senator which has received considerable praise.

Fellow freshman Paul Campbell praised Shane’s willingness to work with Senators in both parties, something which allowed Moore, his predecessor, to be a very effective Senator. He also pointed out:

Shane’s background as an attorney allows him to help us understand the legal ramifications of legislation before the Senate. He’s come a long way quickly.

“It’s encouraging to see such a bright and energetic new face in the Senate,” said Senator Larry Grooms, the Chairman of Transportation Committee. “Senator Massey has brought a new level of enthusiasm to our chamber."

Wesley Donehue, long-time Blogland fan and Midlands GOP political strategist had this to say about the freshman Senator:

Shane Massey is the hardest working candidate I've ever worked with. The guy's a machine. He knocked on over 10,000 during the election and as a State Senator, he's made constituent service his top priority. The voters of District 25 have a real workhorse shaking things up for them in Columbia.

Last, but not least, Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler, with three decades of service in the Senate, had this to say about Massey:

During my twenty-eight years in the State Senate, I've met few as hardworking and eager to shake things up as Senator Shane Massey. He started ruffling feathers even before his first day in the Senate when he introduced legislation to eliminate so-called earmarks. Senator Massey stands up for what he believes in regardless of the political consequences.

Senator Shane Massey has met and exceeded expectations for a freshman Senator, and has earned the respect of many both inside and outside of the Senate. He’s worked hard for his district, as well as the best interests of the state as a whole, and in doing so has earned our recognition as our Outstanding Freshman Senator for this legislative session.

We hope Massey's constituents will recognize the value he gives them and will give him another four years to continue building upon what has been an outstanding beginning in the Senate.

7 Response to "“A new level of enthusiasm”: Shane Massey, Outstanding Freshman Senator"

  1. leaving for senegal soon mg 30/7/08 16:31
    Obama should had never been allowed to speak in Berlin. That was an honor for people like Reagan and Kennedy not for a person that has no record.
  2. Anonymous 31/7/08 08:55
    sounds cool to me.
  3. Anonymous 31/7/08 12:36
    Senator Massey is a breath of fresh air in a stuffy Senate! Good for him & I hope his District gives him more time to "ruffle feathers"!
  4. Anonymous 2/8/08 01:09
    Agreed-Shane is an OUTSTANDING Senator!!!
  5. Anonymous 2/8/08 21:47
    Shane is one of the few Republicans I will be voting for, and my entire family will be as well.

    Shake 'em up Shane!
  6. Anonymous 3/8/08 19:50
    Yu don't know what ur talking about.
  7. Eugene Brooks 14/8/08 11:46
    Anyone that takes a look at Shane Massey can readily see that he is a hard worker. I voted for him in the run off and I will be voting for him again.
    I have spoken with him several times about different concerns I and a lot of people have, he has always been Attentive,a great listener. Shane has just begun his fight in Columbia and He is doing it for all the people of South Carolina. I stand behind a good man and a friend of the people. There is no one better.

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