Remembering Stan Spears, Jr.

As someone who has been a friend of Stan's for a number of years, I've gotten to know him well. We met up in person years ago, having chatted a lot online on a couple of South Carolina political sites after having locked horns on different sides of campaigns in the early 90s.

Sometimes the best measure of someone can be made only when you lock horns with them. That way you'll learn what they're made of of.

When you can reach out to an adversary, be big enough not to take it personally, and respect the abilities and talents of other other, you've made a friend for life. Indeed, we became good friends, and I'm going to miss him.

At the time I met him, he was just getting through his divorce, and before long, I would be going through the same thing. We talked a lot about those experiences and helped each other through them.

Whenever he was in town, I enjoyed going out to his parents' place in northeast Richland and visiting with him, his parents, and his son Ford. Ford was a handful, but that seems to be a family tradition, and Stan was proud of him.

Loyalty is another attribute that I found in plentiful supply in the Spears family. Not surprisingly, Stan was intensely loyal to his father, and was a longtime political operative for his campaigns. Rarely did his father's campaigns run into trouble, and even when there were bumps along the way, the outcome was never certain. It had much to do with Stan's hard-core loyalty and driving energy.

He also worked hard rounding up the veteran support for John McCain in the recent SC Presidential primary. Just weeks before McCain won South Carolina, he was struggling to keep his campaign going. Thanks to people like Stan, his fortunes made a surprising turnaround. If McCain becomes America's next President, it was because people like Stan believed in him.

The day after the South Carolina primary, the Blogland was supporting a John McCain logo, in no small part to Stan's efforts.

Words are hard to express how one feels about losing a friend. I'll certainly miss him, but am thankful for the opportunity to have come to know him and his family as friends.

May his memory be eternal.

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  1. Moye Graham 14/7/08 15:15
    This was the last time I seen Stan. I did the video remember at your Graduation Roast/Birthday Party. So glad I did that to capture a better time. If we only would had known. We all will miss him and that laugh for sure. May God bless his family and may his soul be at rest.
  2. Mike Reino 14/7/08 21:16
    I'm a bit in shock today, having read this.. I met Stan for the first time at your Graduation Party, and was surprised to find out that he was a reader of SC6 as well.

    We cross paths with a lot of people in politics, and most of the time, those crossings are forgotten before we leave. Sometimes they are fresh, and your memories of a person are still clear.

    Stan struck me as one of the most happy go lucky guys I may ever met, and that is something I envy a lot. Life was short for him, but he appeared to make the most of it. Not everyone does. God Bless him.
  3. Katherine 14/7/08 21:55

    Thank you for this tribute to Stan Spears. With everything going on in my ‘world’ this shock about Stan is both depressing and a slap of reality. I was there at your graduation party too, with Mike, Joshua, Moye, and so many others along with Stan.

    Life is far too short and we never know when someone we know, respect and like just for who they are is taken away.

    Stan was all of that to me and Van and our family and more. As you know very well Earl, Stan was there when we needed him the most; his experiences with his broken marriage, his difficult post-divorce turmoil and his love for his son gave him an understanding and an authority to reach out to me in my time of need. He had a true understanding. I will miss that.

    I won’t forget Stan. He stood in my corner when so many others ‘ran for the hills.’ That showed me Stan Spears’ character for courage. He was much more than a political person; he was a friend and a very decent man to me and my family.

    I will miss his enthusiasm, his laugh, his dedication to his principles and his loyalty.

    Life is so short. God Speed - Stan Spears. Thank you for being my friend and my confidant in my corner when I need it the most. You will be missed!

    Thank you again Earl,

    Katherine Jenerette
  4. Anonymous 18/2/09 20:26

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