Rep. Erickson hosts event for Bronze Star recipient

Last weekend, the Blogland had the opportunity to join one of our favorite legislators – Representative Shannon Erickson – along with Congressman Joe Wilson and over 250 of her friends and neighbors for a cookout honoring USMC Sergeant Adam Holmquist, a Beaufort native and former student of Erickson who was recently awarded the Bronze Star. That’s him, standing with Erickson and Wilson:

As shown in the pics, turnout was heavy for this event, defying heat, humidity, mosquitoes and threats of rain. In addition to Erickson and Wilson, other local VIPs in attendance were Senator-elect Tom Davis, Beaufort County School Board Chair Fred Washington, and at least three members of Beaufort City Council (we spotted George O'Kelley, Donnie Beer & Gary Fordham).

“I’m grateful to have so many friends who support me and to have them turn out tonight,” Erickson shared with us. “But this event isn’t about me at all. We want to thank Adam for his service, honor him for receiving the Bronze Star, and let him know how proud we are of him.”

Consistent with her words, there wasn’t a single campaign sign in sight, and while it was obvious she was among friends and hard-core supporters, not a single appeal was made for help for her fall re-election campaign.

We certainly appreciate the invitation and remind everyone else out there that if you’d like your election year event to get a write-up in the Blogland, extend us an invitation and we’ll try to make it.

3 Response to "Rep. Erickson hosts event for Bronze Star recipient"

  1. atlanta airport drury virginia ave mg 23/7/08 12:41
    always good to honor a hero
  2. Anonymous 23/7/08 20:50
    A perfect evening with Beaufort friends & family!

    Sgt. Adam Holmquist is a class act all the way! Not a dry eye in the house when his Bronze Star Resolution was read.

    Thanks to everyone who made the celebration a success!
  3. Billy Bob 2/8/08 21:54
    Hey, Earl, how come you didn't bring some of your readers along? After all, since you were nice enough to give the lady the Blogland award, she outta kick in some free invites for your loyal readers.

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