See you Monday

It's been another hectic week in the Blogland, and we're gonna call it a weekend. This weekend, the Blogland is hitting the road for a killer concert that we'll tell you all about when we get back.

What's coming up next week in the Blogland?

  • We'll finish naming names when we roll out the second half of our Legislative Awards, which will recognize one freshman Senator along with a retiring Senator. We'd intended to roll them out sooner, but we were waiting for a few interviews to come back. While we won't tell you who we've picked, we'll give you a couple of hints: both Senators we name will either be Republicans or Democrats.
  • We're going to tell you what one of South Carolina's big political bloggers is up to, and it's something that you'll hear about nowhere else.
  • We'll share a little inside chatter about a couple of what we expect will be some of the more hotly-contested State House races.
  • Last, but not least, we may post another installment in our continuing Inside Interview series. We've had a lot of people sign up to participate and are wrapping up several interviews, with more to come.
Whoever you are, whereever you're at, and whatever you're doing, be sure to make it a great weekend out there!

2 Response to "See you Monday"

  1. Anonymous 25/7/08 12:42
    Earl, does this mean you're driving up to some honky-tonk in Holly Hill to watch the band and drink all night.
  2. Moye Graham 26/7/08 13:36
    That was a great comment about Holly Hill wish I had came up with it. Hey Earl just read the article in the Post and Courier the interview with you over the I 26 project. Hurry up.

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