“She knows exactly what she is doing”: Shannon Erickson, Outstanding Freshman Representative

There are a number of freshmen legislators in the House, but in our humble opinion, there is one who stands above the rest, combining a positive “can-do” attitude with bulldog tenacity. Beaufort County Representative Shannon Erickson has earned our recognition as the Outstanding Freshman Representative.

Her win in a tough special election last fall showed this lady is a hard worker, and her willingness to get hands-on when it’s an important issue got our attention. We were glad to help push her Lauren Gentry law through a few weeks ago. Getting a bill to the Governor’s desk is always a big deal for a first-year legislator.

We also want to give her credit for keeping a pretty full website online for constituent service: http://www.electshannon.com/.

But don't just take our word for it. She’s earned a reputation for being hard-working, well-informed and respectful towards both the Columbia crowd and the folks back home. Here's what some of her fellow House members had to say ...

Nathan Ballentine, a Midlands Republican, praised Erickson for jumping into her job quickly once she took office:

Some freshmen come to Columbia and feel intimidated. They buy into the the "old guard" mantra that "freshman can't make an impact and shouldn't speak up." Luckily for Beaufort, they sent someone who doesn't follow that line of thinking. Shannon immediately made her presence known in Columbia.

Veteran House member Annette Young from Dorchester County praised her work ethic and her intent to keep on top of the issues before the General Assembly:

She does her homework before she casts every vote. She makes sure she knows exactly what she is doing, and why.

Fellow freshman Phillip Lowe from Florence County praised her initiative:

Shannon hit the ground running. She passed legislation and took the floor like a veteran. We proudly took her into the conservative freshman class that will and did make a difference. Best of all she has Florence ties..

Retiring veteran House member Bill Cotty praised Erickson as:

The ‘real deal’- smart and hard working. She hit the ground running after winning the special election and made a major impact in the House in her first year of service. Shannon's authorship and passage of a bill to allow high school victims of on-campus intimidation from forfeiting their right to play sports when they transfer schools under duress reflects effectiveness and the importance she places on constituent service.

This fall, she faces a Democratic challenger, but we’re hoping that voters will look at how far she’s come in one year, and vote to send her back so she can build upon what she’s accomplished thus far.

12 Response to "“She knows exactly what she is doing”: Shannon Erickson, Outstanding Freshman Representative"

  1. Shannon 17/7/08 08:04
    Hi Earl,
    WOW....not too often that I'm speechless! No comments on that, please...I get over it easily, see...

    Seriously, I (as a regular reader of your blog) couldn't wait to see who your first award would go to, never once thinking that the freshest of the frosh would make the cut.

    I am deeply humbled by your award and oh so thankful to those who had nice things to say about me and my first year (and who assisted along the way)! I will remain dedicated to working hard, that's a promise.

    I have to thank the Beaufort community for giving me the opportunity to go to Columbia to be their voice. For that I am eternally grateful. Their trust and their willingness to be part of the process is precious to me. I love my home and want to do my best for the people I live, work, play, and worship with.

    Thanks, Earl, truly.
  2. Connie Hipp 17/7/08 08:39
    Thank you Earl for recognizing our special lady - Shannon. She has been my friend for over 20 years, and I am proud to see her in this new role.
  3. Eric Bedingfield 17/7/08 09:04
    Wonderful lady with a backbone. It's a joy to work with Shannon in Columbia because I know that she means what she says. I got your back Shannon, cause I know you got mine. Keep up the good work for your folks at home.

    Rep. Eric Bedingfield
  4. Anonymous 17/7/08 09:56
    Shannon Erickson has a posse.

    How can I join?
  5. Earl Capps 17/7/08 10:03
    Shannon - you didn't get anything you didn't earn.

    In case you didn't know, the Blogland is all-knowing, all-seeing. We're kind of like a serial stalker, except we're too lazy to stalk and too harmless to hurt anyone.

    In your case, we saw a great job that earned praise, so we were glad to give it. We wish more freshmen legislators would hit the ground running as you have.

    Maybe by recognizing good talent, we'll encourage others to follow your example.

    Congratulations again, and thank you for the great job you've done.
  6. Anonymous 17/7/08 10:38
    She does a graet job and I'm proud to support her. Thanks for recognizing such a great elected official.
  7. Nikki Haley 17/7/08 11:44
    Shannon is a great legislator and friend. She is only just beginning to shine and the state is forever better for having her at the Statehouse. You're a rockstar Shannon! We love you!
  8. Susan 17/7/08 11:56
    It is so great to see Shannon recognized for her hard work. Those of us who know and support her here in Beaufort are not the least bit surprised though. If she tells you she's going to do something, just take it to the bank. Now if we could only bottle her energy......
  9. Bil Herbkersman 17/7/08 16:48
    Shannon has been a joy to work with both here in Beaufort County ans well as in Columbia. Shannon is keenly aware of the issues that affect our area and has made a very positive impact for the folks of Beaufort County. We certainly have a stronger and more effective delegation with her.

    Rep. Bill Herbkersman, Chairman
    Beaufort County Delegation
  10. Anonymous 17/7/08 23:52
    A: Articulate
    N: Never stops
    N: Nice
    O: On top of the issues
    N: Newbie

    E: Energetic
    R: Ready to face any challenge
    I: Independent thinker
    C: Charming
    K: Kind
    S: Speachless????!!! (whatever)
    O: On top of everything
    N:Never backs down
  11. Kristi 17/7/08 23:57
    Thank you for all that you do for South Carolina! But, most importantly, thank you for your support and encouragement and continued friendship.
  12. Anonymous 18/7/08 16:56
    Congratulations Shannon. It's nice to know we have people like you getting the job done. Keep up the good work!

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