South Carolina blogger pushing for Hawaii 5-0 remake

According to reports, South Carolina blogger Will Folks is planning to fund a remake of the classic television cop show "Hawaii Five-0", using some of his eleventy kabillion dollar fortune.

A renowned body surfer, Folks indicated the intro to the episodes will update many of the scenes showed in the original series, interspersed with shots of surfers ... and bodysurfers, to include Folks.

When reached for comment, Folks said "when you got a fortune of eleventy kabillion dollars, like I do, make the most of it".

4 Response to "South Carolina blogger pushing for Hawaii 5-0 remake"

  1. Mike Reino 28/7/08 19:17
    Next to SWAT, probably the best Theme Song ever. Leslie Nielsen was in Hawaii Five -O ???
  2. Anonymous 31/7/08 08:57
    who is will?
  3. Anonymous 2/8/08 01:11
    When there is a Will, there is a way?
  4. Anonymous 2/8/08 21:46
    As long as he doesn't replace Jack Lord, the universe can take a joke.

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