BBQ of the South

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  1. Anonymous 18/8/08 08:50
    Funny video!
  2. west_rhino 18/8/08 09:04
    I think they got Florida right, but they missed some of the subtle variation... I guess ceeding west NC to Tennessee and incorrectly, though I'll guess Moye and Mike might allow that the part of NC that does 'cue right is the Northern Pee Dee Basin. Also missing are the pockets of mustard based sauce in Arkansas, where civilization exists inspite of the Clintons.

    Socratically, that leads this Rhino to observe that NC "got no style (of BBQ)", just the band that did the song.
  3. Anonymous 18/8/08 09:12
    Rhino's got it right. Earl, how did you find such a hokey video?
  4. Anonymous 18/8/08 12:19
    Hokey video? Yes.

    Important issue? Very.

    Earl, thank you for keeping us on top of all the important issues in your Blogland.
  5. Mike Reino 18/8/08 21:48
    Mr. Capps,
    I have been retained by a Mr. Gervais Bridges, with the intent of suing you for copyright infringement. Discussing politics is fine, but tramping through the subject of BBQ is tortuous. See you in Jail !!

    Robert Shapiro, c/o
  6. Anonymous 19/8/08 02:34
    Mike has a point. You shouldn't be treading on Gervais' turf. Messin' with a man's 'cue is serious business indeed.
  7. west_rhino 19/8/08 09:06
    Mr. Reino, kindly be adviced that it seems that Blossom, I De Quincy Newman and Don Holt (or Halt) Bridges are filing an amicus brief (not boxers) on Mr. Capps' behalf that this saucy affair is frivolous and some should return to playing duelling Shatners. ;-P
  8. Mike Reino 19/8/08 21:48
    Shapiro says bring it on - Amicus Briefs have a limited bearing on the case, and you'd have a better chance of gettign an injunction ORDERING Earl and I to redux the Dueling Shatners..

    Sounds like I ate a dictionary.

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