The Birthday Score: Bonnie 10, Blogland 3

Today, we celebrate two birthdays: Bonnie and the Blogland. She turns ten today and we turn three.

We were trying to look back at the year that's passed, and here are some thoughts which occured to us:

  • Bonnie is going to be in the fifth grade, we just act like it.
  • Bonnie is happy her dad isn't in college anymore, so is the college.
  • Bonnie has a cool collection of CofC and Winthrop (her mother is a Winthrop alum) stuff, but we're the ones who play with them.
  • Bonnie needed her diapers changed when she was little, but we're the ones who were full of ... well, you know.
What do y'all think?

In looking back at the last year, we've come a long way, for which we can only thank our readers. Y'all are the greatest - thanks for sticking with us.

4 Response to "The Birthday Score: Bonnie 10, Blogland 3"

  1. Heather 5/8/08 07:54
    Happy birthday, Bonnie & Blogland.
    Thanks for being a part of the Lowcountry Bloggers
  2. Barbara C 5/8/08 09:26
    Happy Birthday to Bonnie and Earl's Blogland! Thanks for sharing what is going on in other parts of our state in such a fun, as well as informative, way! Have a good one!
  3. Mike Reino 5/8/08 13:59
    Thank God, Earl. You've finally gotten out of the Terrible Two's..

    Honestly, SC6 and myself still aren't potty trained.
  4. Anonymous 8/8/08 23:01
    Mike - better stock up on Depends.

    Earl - where do you want me to send the strippers?

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