Black Sabbath and Judas Priest ROCK in Bristow

Last Thursday night, when Sabbath and the Priest took the stage in Bristow, the mob ruled - and the Blogland was there (and got some killer t-shirts).

To use the words “kick ass” to describe the Black Sabbath and Judas Priest performances would be gross understatements. This was clearly the best show we've seen in two or three years!!!

When Ronnie James Dio and the rest of the reunited “second generation” of Black Sabbath, touring as “Heaven and Hell”, took the stage, the crowd was eager for a show. From opening with the classic “Mob Rules” to closing with “Neon Knights”, Dio’s voice and energy and Tommy Iommi’s guitar mastery rocked the crowd non-stop for the hour-long set.

While many of those in attendance would never have seen this lineup on stage some three decades ago, these guys performed so flawlessly, it sounded like they hadn’t aged a day. Their extended performance of Heaven and Hell included a lot of special lighting effects and showcased Dio’s theatrical talents, just as other moments in the show allowed other band members to stand out in their performances.

Judas Priest has long had a reputation for putting on strong shows. Anyone (like us) who’ve been to dates on their 2005 Angel of Retribution tour would know that the return of Halford didn’t change a thing. But a five-star performance wasn’t enough for these guys, and anyone who saw the show we saw would agree.

The first of many changes in their shows was in opening with “Dawn of Creation” from their new Nostradamus CD set, instead of the Hellion/Electric Eye which they’d opened shows with since the Screaming for Vengeance album. A number of songs that hadn’t been played in their more recent tours were thrown in for good measure, including Deceiver, Eat Me Alive, Rock Hard Ride Free and Devil's Child.

If you caught them on the last tour and thought "this feels good", you ain’t felt nothing yet. The band’s playing was tight, and Halford’s siren vocals were much stronger and louder than the last tour. It was as if the last tour was just practice for this one.

This certainly was a show to be a part of. If you can catch them on the road anywhere in North America, you do not want to miss either of these bands, much less both of them on the same stage.

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