Chinese flag UPSIDE DOWN at Olympics opening ceremony

Lin Hao, a nine year-old survivor of the recent Chinese earthquake, had a position of honor during the Olympic opening ceremony, walking alongside basketball star Yao Ming at the head of the Chinese delegation of Olympic athletes.

We were surprised - and amused - when we saw he was carrying a flag that was made upside down. Normally that's an international sign of distress, but we figure it was more likely a case of a flag being made by the same people who make American flags for Wal-Mart. Lousy quality control and someone who was either too busy to stop the kid and switch the flag - or someone who wanted to use the kid to make a political statement.

Even more amusing was the fact that Ming took media interviews, carrying Lin Hao, STILL CARRYING THE UPSIDE DOWN FLAG!

The photo, in our humble opinion, is reflective of the nation's tyrannical society and iron-fisted one-party rule - upside down. They can run protestors over with tanks, but they can't double-check the flag carried by one of their stars?!?

One of the commenters called the event an artistic statement about China - we couldn't agree more. Upside down.

Here's a video we found of the occasion:

Kid Carries Chinese Flag Upside Down

11 Response to "Chinese flag UPSIDE DOWN at Olympics opening ceremony"

  1. Anonymous 9/8/08 04:23
    i couldnt agree more with your thoughts, and i am surprised how no one seem to have noticed the little boy with his flag upside down. must give you a standing ovation regarding his cry for distress from the tyrannical government.
  2. Anonymous 9/8/08 11:55
    Be warned that such meddling is ill-advised.
  3. Mattheus Mei 9/8/08 14:58
    Earl, this is great, and I was suprised when he interviewed with Ming, his English sounded clearer... crisper, I was suprised considering how much time Ming spends in the States.

    As soon as Chinese officials take note of the upside down flag though, you can bet Ming won't be coming back to the states for basketball, and that kids family won't get rice/grain for a month.

    Last night's opening ceremony was artistic alright, artistically militaristic. The red hues that constantly blanketed the nest... hmmm I could go on and on...
  4. Anonymous 9/8/08 15:15
    Another Chinese agent spreading fear and/or propaganda.
  5. Anonymous 9/8/08 15:17
    "Be warned that such meddling is ill-advised."

    Another Chinese agent spreading fear and/or propaganda
  6. Anonymous 9/8/08 15:17
    "Be warned that such meddling is ill-advised."

    Another Chinese agent spreading fear and/or propaganda
  7. Anonymous 9/8/08 15:17
    "Be warned that such meddling is ill-advised."

    Another Chinese agent spreading fear and/or propaganda
  8. Mike Reino 9/8/08 16:25
    earl, I agree with non 11:55 . Have you NO IDEA the ramifications this could have on your life and safety?

    From now on, I'd check my Number 12 combo from China Sun for spit, and my laundry for itchy powder. 1.3 Billion people can cause a lot of problems....
  9. Anonymous 10/8/08 01:14
    Just watch. Right after the ceremony the kid will be sent for execution. And the news media will not even mention his name ever again.
    This, plus the cut-off U.S. national anthem played at Michael Phelps gold medal ceremony (with President Bush attending!) shows the typical QA of Chinese products.
  10. south africa on the way to senegel moye 10/8/08 04:36
    I was at a dig yesterday where they look at old human and animal bones in south africa called the cradle of humanity where they believe the earliest humanoid may have been found and i was visiting some of the buildings they house things in and one of the things i saw was that they predict that in the year 2050 that half of the worlds population will live in china and india
  11. Anonymous 11/8/08 12:26
    The child is Elina Gonzales half brother/love child of Barack Osama and will be repatriated to Cuba wiht a heroes welcome... the losing Cuban olympic teams will remain to enjoy Chinese hospitality at a labor camp, making cheap capatilistic wares to bankrupt "The Great Satan"...

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