Dee Compton for Senate District Ten: The right choice in a tough race

Ask most people where the real election action is around the state. While you’ll get different answers, most will tell you one of three locations: along the coast, Midlands, or the Upstate. While few people will say the region in and around Greenwood is a key electoral battleground, strategists from both sides of the party line will tell you it will be a key focal point for their efforts this fall.

When Senator John Drummond, whose service in the Senate stretched across much of the 20th Century, decided to retire from the chamber, both sides have worked to recruit strong candidates. The Democrats recruited Floyd Nicholson, the current Mayor of Greenwood, to defend their hold on the seat, while the GOP hopes to gain the seat with Greenwood County Council Vice Chair Dee Compton, who emerged from a five-candidate pack to win the GOP nomination by a crushing margin in the June run-off.

In 2000, Drummond’s GOP challenger, Hunter Eddy, surprised political observers when his underfunded candidacy racked up 41 percent of the vote in what had been considered a strong district for the Democrats. Since then, a lot has changed in and around District Ten, and in the favor of the GOP: the GOP has moved into the political lead in Greenwood County, taking a majority on County Council and it’s State House delegation, as well as winning several courthouse offices, and has begun running and winning races in Abbeville and Laurens Counties, which comprise about a quarter of the Senate district.

Building on a broad base of support, which includes many of the district's State Representatives, as well as county officials, Compton has built a strong team and a formidable campaign both during and after the GOP primary race. Combined with the growing lean towards the GOP in much of the district, there is much to suggest this could be the State Senate seat most likely to shift to the GOP column this fall.

With a record of fiscal conservatism backed by no less than S.C. Association of Taxpayers President Don Weaver, Compton has consistently voted against raising County residential property taxes. Not only that, he worked to find ways to consolidate departments, implementing hiring freezes, and privatize those county services which could be done more for less by the private sector. In a rural area in which attracting new industry and jobs is a challenge and money can be tight in many households, this kind of fiscal responsibility is exactly what the District needs.

John Drummond’s leadership set a very high standard for District Ten residents, and they should expect their next Senator to have the potential to continue Drummond’s legacy. Compton brings a record of leadership in both Greenwood City and County, and his hard-working candidacy enjoys the support and respect of regional and statewide leaders. While the Democratic candidate has been a good citizen with a commendable record of service to the people of Greenwood, Compton's record and broad base of support from both citizens and community and political leaders makes the difference in this race.

In November, we’re asking the residents of District Ten to trust Compton to be their next outstanding Senator. We believe he is best-qualified to get results for them in Columbia.

12 Response to "Dee Compton for Senate District Ten: The right choice in a tough race"

  1. Anonymous 19/8/08 10:10
    Perhaps you were not sent the memo on how Dee Compton hired ILLEGAL ALIENS to paint his campaign office! It gets better, his campaign manager's company was the painter that employed and hired the Illegal Aliens! Teh people of that district would be CRAZY to vote for Dee Compton!

    Also, perhaps you are unaware of his alchohol related pre trial intervention that he went through to avoid having the charges put on his record on a permanent basis?

    Do your research Earl.

    I'm no liberal - but I support Floyd Nicholson in a heartbeat before I voted for a conflicted person like Dee Compton!
  2. Anonymous 19/8/08 11:05
    So which is it - did he hire the painters, or did he hire the company for whom the painters worked? Legally, there is a world of difference, and you don't seem smart enough to know what that might be.

    You wanted research done ... well, research done.:

    1) Compton hired a painting firm, which is responsible for verifying the work status of its employees,

    2) The painting firm had indeed followed the law and reviewed documentation,

    3) One employee turned out to have submitted fradulent documentation, and that employee was terminated.

    No conflicts, end of story. Do you still want to stick to your story?

    No wonder a chicken salad liar like you had to post anonymously. Hit jobs like this are the only way your boy can win the seat.
  3. Anonymous 19/8/08 11:25
    Well, would you like to do any research on Dee Compton's Pre Trial Intervention? Since you are so proficient in research I would be interested to see what you come up with.
  4. Anonymous 19/8/08 11:52
    You lied once, so you may as well have lied twice.

    If someone had one incident with alcohol, it could be forgiven. I'm certainly not going to harp on it.

    But that's probably just another lie. Go peddle your trash elsewhere. Earl is rather kind to tolerate such nonsense. If it was my blog, I wouldn't.
  5. Anonymous 19/8/08 14:08
    First off, I did not lie once - that is your oppinion. You can have your oppinion but not your facts.

    Second, your response to Dee Compton's PTI are quite childish. It sounds as if you have some built up anger.

    Earl is a smart man and I think he is perfectly capable of moderating his blog without your help - he has done it for years now.

    Third, I still look forward to you doing some research into Dee Compton's Pre Trial Intervention... Hmmm... I think Randy Scott would beg to differ with you on your assesment of alchohol related charges not being a factor. As a matter of fact, I think MADD would be interested to find out about it.
  6. Anonymous 19/8/08 15:57
    I wonder if the poster is aware that it is a crime to reveal that someone has been in a PTI program?

    I guess you would really be in deep dodo if you started spouting of details of a PTI case? There would be no legal way of obtaining proof.

    That said, you cannot prove that anyone has been in PTI. You can only make threats and accusations..that you cannot prove..and you have.

    You may be interested to know that Coach Nic has a few SLED investigations under his belt and some questionable laundry bills from Vegas. That would all be public information.

    If you have feet of clay you should stay out of the water. But if you must, come on in the water's warm!
  7. Earl Capps 19/8/08 16:26
    Anon 1, in case you didn't know what I do for a living, part of my job is HR for a construction company. In other words, I know something about this issue, so you might want to read on and learn something.

    With the I-9 process, once workers present either a green card, or one document verifying identity and another citizenship, they cannot be denied employment just because a potential employer "thinks" they are here illegally.

    Until e-verify, the employer has had to take chances that the documents were legit with no way to really know for sure.

    From what I've seen, Compton contracted the painting company to perform the work. He had no legal responsbility to screen the contractor's employees, and in any event, personnel files and records are generally kept confidential. This is why employer's give minimal references these days.

    Furthermore, although you suggest the contractor willfully violated federal law, it appears that it appears that the contractor complied with the legal I-9 requirements to verify the workers' eligibility to work.

    It is not the contractor's fault if they hired someone who presented forged documents, which is commonplace. But it IS their responsibility to terminate someone who they have reason to believe is not eligible to work in the US, which is exactly what happened.

    From here, it looks like the only one who did anything illegal was the worker, who got fired. So Compton and his contractor look clean on this one.

    With the new e-Verify system, this problem should be drastically reduced in the future (from the professional end, I can't wait for that to happen!), but apparently, one cannot do retroactive checks using the system, so those already working won't be caught.

    As to the other allegations ... if he had a record of multiple incidents, I'm sure we'd have seen that out there by now. If he had one run-in, got a costly scare, nobody got hurt, and learned his lesson, 'nuff said. Repeat offenders don't qualify for PTI.

    As the other anon said, we all do something stupid. Or in my case - lots of stupid things, lots of times.

    I'm sure you've fumbled once or twice yourself, but that doesn't make you a bad person.

    I hope my dissertion didn't put you to sleep, and I hope it helped you understand this issue from an HR, not political, perspective.

    If it did, forgive me. I can be a little long-winded.
  8. Anonymous 19/8/08 16:38
    Hey Earl, all this was thrown at him in the primary, and none of it stuck. I'm for Compton, all the way.
  9. Anonymous 19/8/08 16:56
    I'm sick of all the mud-slinging and dirty good ol' boy politics. My whole family is voting for Compton.
  10. Mark Waters 19/8/08 23:49
    John Drummond would never try to win an election by slinging mud. The guy stood up to Nazis, so he sure wasn't afraid of a political opponent.

    Apparently Compton's opponents don't think they can fight an honorable fight. They have to sling mud and make false and misleading claims.

    Maybe you can fool voters in the suburbs, but you'll find that us country folk in the Tenth District ain't so easily fooled.

    We'll stand for Compton, because he's stood for us, and he'll keep standing for us.
  11. Anonymous 20/8/08 11:33
    Wow - you don't find better fights like this outside of Jerry Springer. Earl, you rock!
  12. Anonymous 2/11/10 18:23
    Just saying, Dee Compton is a nice gentleman, who is very responsible. His twin daughters are friends with mine, and they are all intelligent, talent, and polite.
    No matter what people've done in the past, (I seriously doubt your claims) what's he done in the campaign?
    That's what you need to focus on.

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