FITS' Power 100: Congrats to these runner-ups

Sic Willie and company over at FITSNews put out their list of honorable mentions today, as a prelude to their list of the 100 most-influential people in South Carolina government. While we were flattered to be one of the parties recognized, there are a lot of people who made the Blogland what it is, and plenty of others much more deserving of recognition.

We were pleased to see some of them get a well-deserved pat on the back and appreciate the folks at FITS for recognizing their contributions to the Palmetto State. There were two we were especially proud to see on this list:

Kristi Harrington – Circuit Court Judge:

Everybody we spoke with said a first-term circuit court judge didn’t belong on our Top 100, let alone the “honorable mentions,” but the fact is Harrington isn’t your typical circuit court judge. She’s “wonder woman,” people. Not only ridonkulously hot in her robe, she’s tough as nails in it, too, already earning the nickname “handcuff Harrington” for her no-nonsense brand of dispensing justice. Plus, she’s incredibly well-liked and well-connected in Columbia and seen by many conservatives as a rising star in the judiciary.

Glenn McCall – GOP National Committeeman:

Although it won’t have the same impact as another historic African-American addition to the Republican Party (which you’ll read about in our Top 100), Glenn McCall’s selection as national committeeman is still a big deal. What people forget, though, is that McCall has been a force in this state long before he decided to run for this post. We’re just glad he’s finally gotten some of the visibility he deserves.

Other honorable mentions that were well-deserved include:

  • BJ Boling – VP, Starboard Communications
  • Drea Byers, Sunny Phillips – GOP fundraisers
  • Ian Leslie – Lowcountry Economic Network
  • Paul Campbell - State Senator
The only one we really disagreed with this one:

Mrs. Sic Willie – Saint

You might think our founding editor imposes his will on the world around him, but you should see how fast his arrogant, sarcastic tail tucks between his legs the second Mrs. Sic so much as bats a disapproving eye. Forget “wearing the pants,” we’re not even sure Sic has any underwear on.

Uh, Will ... being twice-divorced, we know a few things about how to piss the ladies off. Anyone who puts up with people like us deserves a freakin’ gold medal.

Take it from your friends at the Blogland: while we agree that she has to be a saint above saints, unless you like sleeping on that thing called a couch, you’d better put her on the top of the big list when it goes online.

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