House 124 Democratic candidate arrested for school violence

In politics, it's often risky to run candidates with pending criminal charges against them. This had plenty to do with the recent downfall of Summerville Senator Randy Scott, and has plenty to do with the ongoing controversy over York County Council member Paul Lindenmann.

We understand Beaufort County Democrats have a similar hot potato on their hands: a House candidate who, while possibly lacking in conviction, may soon have one: House District 124 candidate Jim Brown.

While Brown has made a lot of hay about education reform, it's interesting to note that he probably could do more about school violence. As in not getting arrested at a school for causing a disturbance.

It seems as if back in January 2007, Mr. Brown was arrested for causing a disturbance at a school in Beaufort County. You can look up information on this arrest by clicking here. A hearing on these charges is still pending.

We understand this arrest was on the campus of Ladys Island Elementary School and that Mr. Brown was seeking to confront a parent who worked at the school over an unrelated personal matter. We're sure the local solicitor's staff is over a barrel on this one, trying to decide which approach to handling the case will be more problematic: bringing the case to trial during the course of his candidacy, or postponing it until after the election.

On his campaign website, the would-be legislator claims to be:

Feared by his opponents for his take-no-prisoners approach to pursuing justice for his clients, Beaufort attorney Jim Brown is held in extremely high regard by his colleagues in the S.C. Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers because of his outstanding research, writing, lecturing, and leadership skills.

In light of this arrest, we have to wonder if Mr. Brown sees Beaufort schools as just another arena for no-holds-barred violence. We also have to chuckle at the irony of a defense attorney being arrested for an act of public violence, hence becoming the kind of case he usually would represent.

Considering the demographics of House District 124 make this seat highly competitive for both parties, one has to wonder how the Democrats ended up with a candidate like this?

8 Response to "House 124 Democratic candidate arrested for school violence"

  1. John Vierdsen 28/8/08 21:31
    How the hell does a guy agree to run for office when he has a charge pending against him? Of course, John thought the same thing about Lee Bright, but that fool still got elected.
  2. Anonymous 28/8/08 21:37
    sounds like a real creep to me. i really have to wonder what exactly went down at the school, and why?
  3. Anonymous 28/8/08 21:48
    Earl, can you ask Representative Erickson if the provisions of the Laren Gentry bill would allow one to get away from this guy?

    One candidate is making schools safe. One candidate is starting fights at them. My choice is easy.
  4. Anonymous 29/8/08 09:21
    If you've ever dealt with this guy, you wouldn't be surprised to hear this.

    But his wife is a great hostess. She loves to buy people beer when they're not allowed to.
  5. Anonymous 29/8/08 13:55
    All of you should be ashamed of yourself for lying like this. None of this is true. It is all made up by his enemies.
  6. Anonymous 29/8/08 16:27
    13:55, you want to shut up now, or do you want to keep being a Brown-noser?

    Randy, Randy? Did you crossover now?
  7. Earl Capps 31/8/08 22:25
    Anon, I'm not going to approve your comments. They were offensive, slanderous and personally offensive.

    I will, however, address one of your comments: "Man it must be killing you racist to know you are going to have a Black president".

    Since you don't know me, you probably don't know my first wife was of Sub-Saharan African ancestry.

    Do you still think I'm racist?

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