Is there a Headbanger in the (Virginia) House?

We wanted to share some pics we took while at the recent Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Motorhead concert. One of the pictures taken in the parking lot was of a Virgina state legislator, a House member with the tag number "22". As you can see, this person either a Republican or supports a lot of them.

Virgina House seat #22 is currently held by Republican Kathy Bryon of the Lynchburg area, but lots of chambers don't assign tag numbers based upon district numbers, so it may or may not be her.

If anyone knows who this person is, we're all ears. Whoever he or she is, we're certainly interested in his opinion of the show.

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  1. back from africa moye 12/8/08 13:38
    Nice truck any how.

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