It's McCain-Palin

A news report like this makes it pretty obvious that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (a fellow communication degree holder) is John McCain's soon-to-be-announced running mate:

A Gulfstream IV from Anchorage, Alaska, flew into Middletown Regional Airport in Butler County near Cincinnati about 10:15 p.m. Thursday, said Rich Bevis, airport manager. He said several people came off the plane, including a woman and two teens, but there was no confirmation of who was aboard.

"They were pretty much hustled off. They came right down the ramp, jumped in some vans here and off they went," Bevis said. "It was all hush, hush."

It appears Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty's move yesterday to cancel all his appointments today may have been intended to draw media attention away from the Democratic Party's big O-day event. Apparently he will be enjoying today with his family at the state fair.

Mitt Romney's people put word out last night that it's not going to be him.

We think the selection of the Alaska governor is a smart pick and certainly offers a fresh new face on the national political scene. This reform-minded Presidential ticket will have the full support of the Blogland.

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  1. the greeleyville man 29/8/08 13:03
    I am certainly ok with it

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