Reader pics: Costa Rica

Continuing something we started recently when we publishd some pictures a reader shared from their trip to the West Coast, we wanted to share these pictures from another reader's recent trip to Costa Rica.

If you're a Blogland reader who'd like to share some pictures from interesting and faraway places, please send them our way. We'd love to share them with our readers!

3 Response to "Reader pics: Costa Rica"

  1. Mike Reino 21/8/08 21:02
    Did they have a sign by the volcano that read, "Volcanic Ash Kills" too? I don't smoke, but I'm just asking....
  2. mg 23/8/08 20:12
    no they do not this volcano only kills every now and then. it is one of the ten most active in the world and it has wiped out a village or two in the past.
  3. Anonymous 23/8/08 23:53
    It looks like red-hot lava to me.

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