RNC Report: Moye arrives in Minneapolis

We've asked several delegates and alternates to give us live reports from the Republican National Convention. Our first comes from Moye Graham, who we backed for a 6th District delegate slot:

Talked to Lindsey Graham also Rob Godfrey of the SCGOP.

Was up at 2 AM to catch the flight out of Charleston at 530 AM was at airport at 4 AM. Flying first class was nice. Flew with a US Senator from NC - Burr. Also a Female Congresswoman from NC believe her last name was Ford just not sure man it was too early and they are not from SC.

Everybody is talking Hurricane. We have had Obama people with tee shirts in our lobby I was told by Joshua and last night I understand several people arrested I hear Joshua has already blog that.

Bush and Cheney will not make convention due to hurricanes.

Just met the new SC Rep, Ms. Nanny and her husband.

We'll keep you posted with more reports as we get them.

2 Response to "RNC Report: Moye arrives in Minneapolis"

  1. Mike Reino 31/8/08 14:23
    I think the Congresswoman was Virginia Foxx from Boone,NC. Looks like a nice little Grandma - she made my Hotties of the Hill back in '06.
  2. mg 31/8/08 23:48
    Mike is right on this one she is older for sure and is a grandma looking person but nice

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