Rod Shealy faces cancer - Cancer begs for mercy

Those of us who started out in the 80s, as the GOP began its rise from a phone booth club to a majority party here in South Carolina, remember well the difficult journey of our own Lee Atwater, who struggled with brain cancer, as well as the knowledge that even kingmakers are mortal.

Having this as one of my early formative political experiences, it's hard to forget, and painful to see another one of our own facing it.

Yesterday morning, Rod Shealy had this to say on his blog:

As a political consultant and a newspaper publisher, I’m familiar with “spin”... but there’s not really much way to spin this:

A few days ago, tests revealed I have a cancerous brain tumor.

There's a lot people can say, and have said, about Rod - some good, some bad. But there's one thing we're sure of - if cancer was looking for an easy victim, it sure picked the wrong guy.

I learned a lot about politics from the guy, so I'm not surprised to hear that he already has a game plan for what will be his toughest fight yet:

I don’t know how other people would react to such news. But in the days since, I have been completely overcome with one central thought: I truly feel like the luckiest man in the world! I can’t even begin to count my blessings.

While this sounds like sound advice, we're sure he won't mind if we in the Blogland say a few prayers for him and his family. Please join us.

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