SCHotline boycotting the Blogland?

Lately, SCHotline hasn't been linking to our content, while most other blogs have been doing just fine. We're trying to figure out who we ticked off ... or if our links ended up getting nailed by their spam filter.

Even the one about Will Folks and the Hawaii Five-O remake.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what's up, we're all ears. We hate being left out of the new media community that Hotline is the central portal for, especially with all the content we've been generating as of late.

7 Response to "SCHotline boycotting the Blogland?"

  1. Anonymous 7/8/08 10:12
    You became a pay-to-play socket puppet for the RINO consultants this election, and now you are surprised that your links are not getting posted? How naive!
  2. Anonymous 7/8/08 16:24

    SCHotline isn't posting your requests because you and Bill Cotty have a pair, and are taking on their man Howie Rich. Keep up the good work, and I'll keep coming back... whether it's through SCHotline or not.
  3. vierdsen 7/8/08 17:19
    They haven't linked to any of my posts, but I think it's because they hate the hell out of what I'm posting. But, I'm getting mad hits anyway, so it's their loss.
  4. Earl Capps 7/8/08 17:56
    1012 - when you say "pay-to-play socket puppet" - are you saying I was paid by a consulting firm? If you can put the figurative money where your anonymous mouth is, please let us know.

    As with your first posting, I promise if you can show where I was paid by a consulting firm in the '08 primary cycle, I will approve your response.

    As they say - put up or shut up time.
  5. west_rhino 7/8/08 21:04
    Earl, you're in a comparative slump, having recently scored a bunch of links. Could be the old Midlands bias again the low country, but I suspect, as often SCHotline hangs a Spartanburg or Greenville paper's link for the same AP story posted in Chucktown and Flo town's rags; wherin the story happend in Joe's Holy City or the Chicago of the PeeDee. Maybe Sewell's trying to spread it around.

    Then again, with all the "documents" and DVDs Mike Reino's complained about storing for you...
  6. Anonymous 8/8/08 22:59
    Earl, I don't know about the voices in your head, but the voices in my head say someone is out to get you and me and all of us.
  7. still in the air france lounge johannesburg mg 10/8/08 10:27
    they can come get me tonight in Dakar Senegal

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