Spratt blasts self, Democratic Congress for role in budget shortfall

In a press conference in Washington, D.C., Democratic congressman John Spratt, the Chair of the House Budget Committee, attacked himself over his role in increasing the national debt:

Section 7 of Article One of our Constitution is very clear on this point, when it says "All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives". More specifically, when it comes to the Budget Committee, which I chair, "the primary responsibility of the Budget Committee is the drafting and preparation of the Concurrent Resolution on the Budget, usually called the 'budget resolution.' This resolution sets the aggregate levels of spending and revenue that is expected to occur in a given fiscal year.*"

You do the math: the Democrats run the House, the House originates budget legislation, and the Committee I chair puts the budget resolution together. While I can blame the President and the Republicans for the size of the deficit, let's face it - me and my fellow Democrats deserve plenty of the blame as well. It's time for Democrats to have the courage to live up to Harry Truman's old saying of the "buck stops here".

Spratt then held up a mirror and was looking at it as he spoke, calling it "my own accountability tool for finding who is responsible for the deficit". According to a unidentified source, Congressional staffers would begin issuing them to Democratic House members, the current House majority party. While some feared the mirror sent to Nancy Pelosi's office might undergo stress, the unidentified source said "it's a good thing Cynthia McKinney isn't around these days. A mirror wouldn't survive five minutes with her in the room."

* Wikipedia excerpt

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  1. Anonymous 7/8/08 16:27
    Hooray for John Spratt... South Carolina's Representative.

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