Winning power through mass persuasion tactics

Barack Obama isn't the only one who liked to pack 'em in by the tens of thousands, put on a great show, and stir the crowds up with feel-good speeches that masked a questionable record and vague agenda:

... and look how well that one worked out.

3 Response to "Winning power through mass persuasion tactics"

  1. Mattheus Mei 29/8/08 01:00
    Earl, that's just sad. Grow up.
  2. Earl Capps 29/8/08 09:10
    That's a hopeless cause. Just ask my kids.
  3. Rob W. 29/8/08 11:45
    You lose. Seriously. This is such a stupid cliche that it has it's own natural law (Godwin's Law: ) and it's own logical fallacy name (Reductio ad Hitlerum).

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