South Carolina's Fields of Green

What's the biggest contributor to South Carolina's economy? Manufacturing? Tourism? Trade and distribution? Nope.

According to a new report out from the friendly folks at the S.C. Agribusiness Council and the S.C. Forestry Association, the state's agri-business sectors farming and forestry is responsible for nearly 200,000 of South Carolina's jobs, with a combined payroll in excess of $7 billion annually, doing well over $30 billion in business:

Farming and forestry constitute the leading economic cluster in South Carolina today, larger than manufacturing and tourism combined, according to a new study released by the S.C. Agribusiness Council and the S.C. Forestry Association.

The study was conducted during nine months by Harry Miley of Miley Gallo & Associates of Columbia. The research indicates that all commodities and services in modern agribusiness, taken together, make a $33.9 billion impact on the state’s economy, larger than any other sector.

As employment in other parts of the economy has declined, agribusiness is growing and now provides jobs for nearly 200,000 South Carolinians.

That means there's more green stuff produced in our state's fields and forests ain't the plants and trees than we thought.

It also means that our state's Commissioner of Agriculture oversees the biggest chunk of South Carolina's economy, making Hugh Weathers a very important guy with a lot of economic power.

Which brings us to our Question of the Day: If Mark Hammond is South Carolina's Dirty Harry, does that make Hugh Weathers our state's Al Capone?

8 Response to "South Carolina's Fields of Green"

  1. Anonymous 22/9/08 08:46
  2. Mike Reino 22/9/08 22:12
    We all know who the biggest economic engine in SC is...... The Florence Phantoms football team!
  3. hope mills nc mg 22/9/08 22:25
    Get over Emile if he had his way we could only feed a few hundred off his chicken manure gardens that claim to be organic
  4. Anonymous 23/9/08 09:12
    Hugh's the man with the plan.
  5. kankakee county illinois mg 23/9/08 18:38
    Hugh is the man with the plan
  6. Anonymous 23/9/08 22:51
    Hugh is the kind of Republican the party needs more of - competent, loyal and ethical.
  7. soon to be out of cook county illinois mg 24/9/08 20:14
    reckon we can get some bobble head dolls of hugh maybe mark also
  8. Earl Capps 24/9/08 21:36
    That's an interesting idea. Maybe we ought to look into it.

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