What's BMW worth?

Tomorrow, we'll get to find out how much BMW is worth to South Carolina (we think it'll be a lot), when the USC School of Business releases the findings of an economic impact study of the automaker's Greer facility:

It is the second time the Moore School has done such a study. In 2002, the BMW impact was estimated to be about $4.1 billion, producing 16,691 jobs with wages and salaries of $691 million annually in South Carolina.

Since then, BMW has continued to expand its operations near Greer. Last March, BMW said it would invest an additional $750 million in its Spartanburg County factory to add 1.5 million square feet and 500 new jobs on site to produce three models and to increase production capacity to 240,000 units by 2012.

BMW latest investment would be the largest ever announced for the factory, increasing BMW investments in South Carolina to $4.2 billion, the company said.

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  1. hate fake stuff mg 12/9/08 16:21
    would be nice to have several of these

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