Elect Jill Kelso - A fresh new voice in the State House

Voters along the South Carolina coast have an opportunity to shake things up and send a great new voice to the State House by electing Republican Jill Kelso to House Seat 108, which covers the lower Grand Strand, the city of Georgetown, and much of northern Charleston County.

The incumbent, Democrat Vida Miller, has held the seat since 1997, appealing to crossover voters as a self-identified independent. Thus far, it has worked, but Kelso has worked hard and presented herself as a candidate whose affiliations and political philosophies are not in conflict. From what we've been told, she's made considerable headway in her candidacy.

Kelso has taken Miller to task for ignoring issues in the district, including being an absentee board member of a non-profit whose director had raided them for over five million dollars, and has campaigned hard on a platform based upon strong constituent outreach, supporting restructuring and challenging Columbia's pork barrel culture. While we see these as good things, the incumbent doesn't seem to think fixing the tax-and-spend culture that has created a state budget which roller coasters into disaster during every economic slowdown is that important.

When we talked with Kelso, she didn't take the conventional partisan tack, but rather talked about issues and ideas with an eye on solving problems, not scoring political points. That is just the kind of leadership our state needs.

We would never presume to call someone with Miller's record of community service unethical or corrupt because such charges wouldn't be true. But sooner or later, mistakes are made, and when that happens, it's time for a change.

The time for a change has come, and Jill Kelso has shown us she's up to the task of representing District 108, which is why we're endorsing her.

3 Response to "Elect Jill Kelso - A fresh new voice in the State House"

  1. Anonymous 28/10/08 19:19
    Hey Earl, I hear Miller's crowd of angry locals is going on the attack against Kelso, who is a fine person and good citizen.

    True Southerners, like you and I, who were born and raised here have too much civility to dis someone who isn't from here. That would just be rude, inhosptiable and downright UN-Southern.

    After all, even us so-called "native Southerners" have ancestors who got off a boat once upon a time.

    I'm voting for Kelso this year because I think she deserves a chance, but if she turns out to be a carpetbagger, we'll run her out in two yaers just like we're gonna run Miller out this year.
  2. nonsiin chicago mg 30/10/08 11:50
    we have been doing a phone bank for her in manning you know
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