Keep Shannon Erickson working hard in the State House

We’ve seen a lot of freshman hit the House with overly-high expectations, only to hit a brick wall when they realize how big a place the House can be. When Shannon Erickson hit the House last year, she didn’t let the task at hand discourage her, or buy into the school of thought that says freshman legislators are supposed to sit back, watch, and do little else.

We awarded her the Outstanding Freshman Representative award for this term because she has shown outstanding initiative and leadership. Combined with her tireless work ethic which has made her a successful businesswoman, Representative Erickson did something few legislators do in their first year – she pushed a bill through to the Governor’s desk. The Lauren Gentry Act was a real solution to a real problem in her district, as well as in schools across the state. Such vision and effectiveness in a first-year House member is rare indeed. If returned to the House, she’ll build on this record of hard work, smart legislative leadership, and solid attention to issues in her district to become a fast riser in the House.

Her opponent’s pending criminal charges of causing a disturbance at Ladys Island Elementary, in the heart of District 124, are concerning. While the charges haven’t gone to trial, we know that they haven’t been dropped either, which gives us reason to view his candidacy with some caution. To be honest, we’re curious as to why he’d even run for office with such charges unresolved. The voters of District 124 should ask him to bring some resolution to this case.

Representative Erickson has a record that clearly makes her the choice for the seat. We’ve seen amazing things from her, and if the voters of her District give her another term, we know they won’t be disappointed.

2 Response to "Keep Shannon Erickson working hard in the State House"

  1. captainamerica 27/10/08 11:05
    Go, Shannon! Win, big sister, win!
  2. licutio ord mg 30/10/08 11:54
    good choice

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